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Video: Paul Ryan Admits Gun Control Laws "Good"

Video: Paul Ryan Admits Gun Control Laws “Good”

Paul Ryan blurts out his real views on the existing unconstitutional gun laws used to persecute American gun owners. According to Ryan, those laws are “good” and need to not only remain on the books but be more strictly enforced!

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CCW: NRA Opposed to Mandatory Training?

NRA members who protested the organization’s tendency to compromise start to see the fruits of their work as a sea change sweeps NRA leadership into the no mandatory training camp on Wisconsin concealed carry. Could it really be?

Ayoob demonstrates the G18 machine pistol on full auto. There are six spent casings in the air. Click the image to read a free article by Mas Ayoob, courtesy of Gun Digest and Tactical Gear.

Massad Ayoob: Constitutional Carry No-Cost Solution for Wisconsin

“Where will funding for the licensing bureaucracy come from? Gun owners’ civil rights activists have a brilliant answer: simply pass permitless carry. Called ‘Constitutional carry’ by some, such a law allows any law-abiding citizen with a clean criminal record to carry loaded and concealed in public.”

Notorius Anti-Gunners Sarah Palin and John McCain Woop it Up for Crowds of Cheering Neo-Cons.

No Surprise: Neo-Con Feminist Sarah Palin Supports Gun Control

“There are already on the books many gun control measures, and I do support those that are on the books. I do not support taking away more freedom from the good guy,” Palin said.

Grant County Sheriff Keith Govier

Why Should Concealed Carry Burden Sheriff’s Departments?

County Sheriffs don’t want a burdensome permit process. And who can blame them?

NRA Lobbyist Darren LaSorte snickers as WGO representatives testify at a public hearing about Constitutional Carry.

NRA: Vermont the “Model” for Wisconsin Concealed Carry

The NRA says Vermont and Alaska will be their model for concealed carry in the upcoming session. Before you rush that donation off to Mr. Lapierre, let’s see if their actions match those words.

DISCLOSE ACT Defeated, Where Are Ye Tories Now?

DISCLOSE ACT Defeated, Where Are Ye Tories Now?

In the American War for Independence, the term “Tory” was used to describe those seen as traitors to the cause of liberty.

Will Utah pass Constitutional Carry Next?

Is Utah Next for No-Permit Carry?

Despite the institutional gun lobby’s misguided derision aimed at those of us who support Vermont-style concealed carry — that is, concealed carry without permit — and their vacuous claims that such legislation just isn’t a political possibility worth fighting for, yet another state has stepped up to the plate to defy these naysayers. SALT LAKE […]

Incorporating Your Rights: Was McDonald Really a Victory?

Incorporating Your Rights: Was McDonald Really a Victory?

You’ve no doubt heard all the talking heads in the media — and many within the gun rights movement — extol the recent McDonald Supreme Court case in Chicago as a landslide victory for the right to keep and bear arms, because it struck down Chicago’s city-wide gun ban. Well, it didn’t do that entirely, […]

Corey Graff, Executive Director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO)

Introduction to WGO’s New Website

Welcome to the new website for Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) and the official WGO Blog. So, why do we have a new website, you ask? Simple. We wanted to move to a more powerful and flexible platform that would allow us to deliver our content to you more efficiently via multiple formats — articles, podcasts […]