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WGO Newsletter Winter-Spring 2013

Download: WGO Newsletter Winter-Spring 2013

The Winter-Spring 2013 issue of the Wisconsin Gun Owner, official newsletter of WGO, reports on the Newtown, CT shooting and the renewed semi-auto ban. Plus state gun rights news from around Wisconsin.

Ted Nugent Shot Show 2013 on Why Anyone 'Needs' an AR-15

Video: Nugent on Why Anyone ‘Needs’ an AR-15

At the 2013 SHOT Show, Ted Nugent addressed the current assault on the Second Amendment. Most notable was his response to the question, Why do you ‘NEED’ an AR-15?

WGO to fight Obama's semi-auto ban

WGO Launches Campaign to Defend Against Semi-Auto Ban

The timeline of events as illustrated by comments made by Obama himself and his administration show a ramping up to a final attack to reinstate, expand and make permanent the Clinton-era semi-auto ban.