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Toomey Pushes Background Checks on Gun Control.

GOP Sen. Toomey: Background Checks Are Not ‘Gun Control,’ They’re ‘Common Sense’

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey talks out of both sides of his mouth as he becomes one of the most outspoken “conservative” voices defending background checks for gun purchases.

Obama to Disarm Senior Citizens

Obama to Disarm Senior Citizens

In his final months in office, Obama will unleash what some are calling the ‘largest gun grab in U.S. history.’

WGO Newsletter Summer-Fall 2012

Download: WGO Newsletter Summer-Fall 2012

The Summer-Fall 2012 official newsletter of WGO covers the renewed attempt to ban semi-autos, permanent CCW rules, candidate survey results and more.

Video: NRA's Wayne Lapierre Praises Anti-Gun Harry Reid

Video: NRA’s Wayne Lapierre Praises Anti-Gun Harry Reid

Is anti-gun Harry Reid a “Champion of the Second Amendment?” The NRA’s Wayne Lapierre seems to think so.

WGO Winter 2011 Newsletter

Download: WGO Newsletter, Winter 2011

The WGO Winter Newsletter 2011 covers constitutional carry with Richard Church from Campaign for Liberty and Larry Pratt of GOA. Also a look at a new proposed ban on high cap mags and ATF’s assault on tactical shotgun importation.

WGO Leads Concealed Carry Media Blast

After being twice rebuffed, gun rights advocates are now confident that a concealed carry law will be implemented in Wisconsin. But there are some concerns over what form the law will take.

2010 Wisconsin Candidate Ratings Released

2010 Wisconsin Candidate Ratings Released

What if politicians could be objectively evaluated on their views of guns and gun issues and on their actual votes, without the usual bias associated with gun lobbies trying to get — and keep — a seat at the politician’s table?