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It's official: Democratic platform includes renewed push for assault weapons ban.

WI Semi-Auto Ban Introduced

While everyone was distracted with the national circus known as the republican debates, Wisconsin democrats launched a nightmare ban on semi-automatic firearms.

Videos: NRA Press Conference with Analysis

Videos: NRA Press Conference with Analysis

While the NRA said some good things in its recent media appearances, why will they not advocate armed teachers or mention ‘concealed carry’?

Newtown Shooting: Blood On Their Hands

Newtown Shooting: Blood On Their Hands

In addition to the gunman, blood is on the hands of members of Congress and the Connecticut legislators who voted to ban guns from all schools in Connecticut (and most other states). They are the ones who made it illegal to defend oneself with a gun in a school when that is the only effective way of resisting a gunman.

WGO to fight Obama's semi-auto ban

WGO Launches Campaign to Defend Against Semi-Auto Ban

The timeline of events as illustrated by comments made by Obama himself and his administration show a ramping up to a final attack to reinstate, expand and make permanent the Clinton-era semi-auto ban.

Ron Paul's farewell speech to congress.

Video: Rep. Ron Paul’s Blistering Farewell Speech to Congress

In his final farewell speech, Rep. Ron Paul (R) blasts congress as a bunch of “psychopathic authoritarians” and minces no words on the failure of our representatives to uphold liberty.