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WI Campus Carry: Grading Our Children’s School Security

WI Campus Carry: Grading Our Children’s School Security

We live in a world of uncertainty, but Wisconsin legislators could provide a lot less uncertainty regarding the safety of our young children by giving parents complete control over their security.

WI: Look Who's Blocking Concealed Carry!

WI: Look Who’s Blocking Campus Carry

A bill in the Wisconsin legislature allowing concealed carry on school grounds is being blocked by state republicans who say it’s a not a priority.

This is an SOS! Wisconsin's gun rights organization needs a fresh supply of troops and ammo for the frontlines!

SOS: Wisconsin’s Gun Rights Organization Needs Help

Obama and the gun banners have launched a full scale war against gun owners. But anti-gun forces will prevail if Wisconsin’s leading pro-gun organization is allowed to go down in flames.

Cops Only Carry

Amendments to Cops-Only Carry Sugar-Coats Problem

Amendments to Assembly Bill 9 appear to have appeased the institutional gun lobby, while anti-gun police groups use concealed carry rights as a bargaining chip to advance special privileges.

WGO Newsletter Winter-Spring 2013

Download: WGO Newsletter Winter-Spring 2013

The Winter-Spring 2013 issue of the Wisconsin Gun Owner, official newsletter of WGO, reports on the Newtown, CT shooting and the renewed semi-auto ban. Plus state gun rights news from around Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Constitutional Carry Upgrade

WGO Renews Fight for Constitutional Carry

Wisconsin concealed carry: After a year of government permission carry, it’s time to pass Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin, says WGO.

Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) Pro-CCW Signs

WGO Launches Pro-Concealed Carry Signs Campaign

Thanks to the support of the members of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), pro-gun businesses can now boldly show their support for concealed carry by posting one of WGO’s new Pro-CCW signs. It’s part of the Wisconsin gun rights organization’s pro-concealed carry campaign.

WGO on Milwaukee's Police Chief Flynn and open carry ...

Milwaukee PD Targets Concealed Carry, Demands Law Change

The head of Milwaukee’s police force — notorious anti-gunner Chief Ed Flynn — is demanding changes to Wisconsin’s new concealed weapons law, changes that will seriously infringe the rights of gun owners. This despite the fact that the new law has not caused any problems but has in fact begun to thwart crime.

Aldi's posts anti-gun sign, Wisconsin's first self-defense shooting

Wisconsin’s First CCW Self-Defense Shooting

A Milwaukee man will not face any charges after shooting a robbery suspect at a Milwaukee grocery store, in Wisconsin’s first self-defense case after passage of concealed carry.

DOJ: State Won't Meet Concealed Carry Deadline

DOJ: State Won’t Meet Concealed Carry Deadline

Wisconsin residents have overwhelmed the state Justice Department with so many concealed weapon permit applications agency officials say they probably won’t meet deadlines for issuing approvals this month despite pulling dozens of employees from other tasks to help.