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WI: Look Who's Blocking Concealed Carry!

WI: Look Who’s Blocking Campus Carry

A bill in the Wisconsin legislature allowing concealed carry on school grounds is being blocked by state republicans who say it’s a not a priority.

This is an SOS! Wisconsin's gun rights organization needs a fresh supply of troops and ammo for the frontlines!

SOS: Wisconsin’s Gun Rights Organization Needs Help

Obama and the gun banners have launched a full scale war against gun owners. But anti-gun forces will prevail if Wisconsin’s leading pro-gun organization is allowed to go down in flames.

Post-Election: False Sense of Security?

Post-Election: False Sense of Security?

GOP victories on Election Day mean we’re now safe from gun control. We can turn a blind eye and trust republicans to do the right thing when it comes to Wisconsin gun rights. Right? Not exactly.

Download: WGO Newsletter Summer-Fall 2013

Download: WGO Newsletter Summer-Fall 2013

The Summer-Fall 2013 issue of the official newsletter of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. covers the Wisconsin Firearms Freedom Act, Walker-Barret gun control, Bill Watch, 10 Years of No Compromise and more.

Wisconsin Firearms Freedom Act

Update On Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act

An urgent note from State Rep. Michael Schraa about the Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act.

Cops Only Carry

Amendments to Cops-Only Carry Sugar-Coats Problem

Amendments to Assembly Bill 9 appear to have appeased the institutional gun lobby, while anti-gun police groups use concealed carry rights as a bargaining chip to advance special privileges.

Cops Only Carry

WI: Republicans Sneaking Cops-Only Carry Bill

Assembly Bill 9 would give law enforcement officers special privileges not granted to the lowly citizens whom they serve – including the ability to carry on private property where CCW is prohibited!

WGO Newsletter Winter-Spring 2013

Download: WGO Newsletter Winter-Spring 2013

The Winter-Spring 2013 issue of the Wisconsin Gun Owner, official newsletter of WGO, reports on the Newtown, CT shooting and the renewed semi-auto ban. Plus state gun rights news from around Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Gun Owners Concealed Carry Newsletter

Download: WGO Newsletter, Winter-Spring 2012

The Winter-Spring 2012 issue of The Wisconsin Gun Owner, the official newsletter of WGO, covers Wisconsin’s first CCW self-defense case, new pro-CCW signs program, Milwaukee PD’s targeting of concealed carry, Bill Watch legislative update and more.

WGO Fall 2011 Newsletter

Download: WGO Newsletter, Fall 2011

The Fall 2011 issue of The Wisconsin Gun Owner, the official quarterly newsletter of WGO, covers CCW Permits, the Don’t Buy List, Van Hollen’s concealed carry training, castle doctrine and the business of concealed carry.