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NRA: Vermont the “Model” for Wisconsin Concealed Carry

NRA Lobbyist Darren LaSorte snickers as WGO representatives testify at a public hearing about Constitutional Carry.

In a December 16, 2010 e-mail alert from NRA-ILA, NRA to Push Aggressive Legislative Agenda During Wisconsin’s 2011 Legislative Session, the national gun lobby gave credit to its members for electing “pro-freedom lawmakers.” We’ll see whether these lawmakers end up being “pro-freedom” or not, but for right now gun owners will be wise to watch the NRA’s actions closely as the new session gets underway.

In that same alert, the NRA announced in a somewhat understated way — buried deep in the fifth paragraph — that, “The laws of Vermont, Alaska and Arizona will be used as the model.”

That sounds encouraging, but this isn’t the most forceful language NRA could have used. In fact, my experience tells me NRA’s language here may be leaving the door open for future “compromises” as soon as certain anti-gun police groups around the state start to bellyache. Time will tell.

Of course, we hope the NRA stands united with gun owners and a growing coalition of groups in Wisconsin who will push for Constitutional Carry — by Constitutional Carry we mean no permit, background check, fees or training required to carry handguns for self-defense — but we caution gun owners to keep the champagne bottles corked for the time being.


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