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Scott Walker: Still Silent on Constitutional Carry

Will Scott Walker Support Constitutional Concealed Carry?

Will Scott Walker Support Constitutional Concealed Carry?

Madison, Wis. —  Despite  republicans taking control of Wisconsin’s legislature in the Nov. 2 mid-term elections, no commitment on Constitutional Carry (concealed carry with no permit system) has been forthcoming as of press time from either Governor-elect Scott Walker (R) or Wisconsin NRA lobbyist Jordan Austin.

The newly-elected legislature — where republicans now control the assembly and state senate — has breathed new life into growing momentum in Wisconsin to by-pass a “Shall-Issue” concealed carry law in favor of one modeled after Vermont’s or Alaska’s laws.

If successful, the reform would mean anyone who may legally purchase a firearm may legally carry it. Similar legislation was passed in Arizona this year, and several other states — Texas, Utah and Iowa — are  on the cusp of rolling back permit-to-carry requirements.

While WGO has been in contact with Governor-elect Walker’s press secretary, Cullen Werwie, no statement on Walker’s position on Constitutional Carry has been received. Walker did earn an F rating due to his failure to answer the WGO candidate survey, which asks candidates their position on no-permit carry. The survey was re-issued to Walker giving him the opportunity to tell gun owners his views.

Meanwhile, four organizations — Gun Owners of America (GOA), National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), Wisconsin Carry, Inc., and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) — have joined the public push by stating their support for “Constitutional Carry.” Next Page

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WGO Reaches Out to NRA-ILA

NRA Lobbyist Jordan Austin. Why won't he answer simple questions about concealed carry?

In an e-mail to Jordan Austin, NRA-ILA’s Wisconsin lobbyist, WGO issued an official inquiry to determine if Badger State gun owners could “count on NRA-ILA’s support of Constitutional Carry?”

That request was initially met with evasiveness, when Austin shot back by answering the question with a question.  “Do you have any language available for the bill you are proposing?” he asked.

In response, WGO re-issued the question, seeking NRA-ILA’s position on Constitutional Carry. “We are reaching out to NRA to give them a chance to be the pro-gun group they claim to be,” said Corey Graff, executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners. “We are positively hopeful that they will abandon these divisive tactics and stand united with all the organizations and grassroots gun owners who recognize that now is the time to completely restore our right-to-carry in Wisconsin.”

“Given how the elections turned out, asking the Wisconsin legislature for a “shall-issue” concealed carry bill will be like kissing your sister,” wrote Tim Schmidt, president of the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has reported that the Wisconsin Republican Party has adopted no-permit carry into its official platform, and that Governor-elect walker has stated that if a repeal of state statute 941.23 makes it to his desk, he will sign it.

It is not precisely known if Walker’s statement to sign legislation will apply to a no-permit bill or only Shall-Issue. Previous Page Next Page

“Why does the NRA make sure the right to keep and bear a concealed firearm is the only constitutional right you need government permission to exercise?” asked nrawol.net. “Why do NRA lobbyists regard a vote in favor of Vermont-style concealed carry an ‘anti-gun vote? It’s because opposing the original intent of the Second Amendment, the free exercise of firearms rights without government permission or regulation, is the price of admission into higher political circles. The NRA figures if they throw you a few bones, you’ll keep the checks coming and look the other way while gun-grabbing politicians get the main course.”

One concerned citizen reported to WGO that they were told by someone named “Eric” at NRA-ILA (who refused to give his last name), that, “In most states, you’re not gonna pass constitutional conceal-carry …  I’d be very surprised that a constitutional carry bill could be passed without a permit provision as kind of a trial period. We have a better chance, but it’s probably not likely. It’s not politically feasible (to pass a constitutional bill).”

Editor’s Note: Below you will find contact information for NRA-ILA representatives. Be sure to urge them to stand united with WGO for Constitutional Carry. This article appeared in the Fall 2010 issue of The Wisconsin Gun Owner, the official newsletter of WGO. To be sure you stay on top of late-breaking gun rights news across Wisconsin, join WGO today.


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NRA-ILA Representative:
Jordan Austin
National Rifle Association
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