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Video: Appleton, Wisconsin Police Discuss New Concealed Carry Law

Capt. Rudy Nyman of the Appleton Police Department discusses the implementation of Wisconsin’s new concealed carry law. Note: We are not endorsing Captain Nyman’s comments, but rather posting this so you can be aware of the attitudes of police toward concealed carry permit holders. Note also that Capt. Nyman says that all public buildings in Appleton will post to prohibit concealed carry.

That means there will be suspension of constitutional rights (both state and federal) in our government buildings (those owned by taxpayers) throughout Appleton. This hearkens back to the days of segregation. And it could be taken as “Martial Law Lite.”  But no matter how you take it, WGO will be tackling these outrageous city-level gun bans and creation of criminal safe zones by our aldermen one by one.

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Source: www.appletonpostscrescent.com

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