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Wisconsin Concealed Carry: What Do I Need to Know?

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Rules: What Do I Need to Know?

The Wisconsin Legislative Council has drafted an 11-page memorandum explaining the major provisions of SB93, the permit-to-carry bill which recently passed both houses of the Wisconsin legislature. Released by State Senator Pam Galloway’s office, this downloadable PDF tackles the following questions:

Download the Memorandum (PDF)

Licenses to Carry a Concealed Weapon

Who issues Wisconsin concealed carry licenses?

Can a person from another state carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin?

Can a Wisconsin resident carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin using a license he or she received from another state?

What is the definition of “weapon”?

Is a licensee or out-of-state licensee required to show a law enforcement officer his or her license?

Who is qualified to be issued a license?

What are the training requirements to be issued a license?

Is DOJ required to conduct a background check on a person applying for a license?

Could a person receive an emergency license to carry a concealed weapon?

Do law enforcement officers have access to information about licensees?

What if a licensee becomes ineligible to hold a license because he or she is convicted of a felony, for example?

Could someone challenge DOJ’s finding that the person is not qualified to receive a license?

How long does a license remain in effect?

Download the Memorandum (PDF)

Can an employer prohibit his or her employees from carrying a concealed weapon at work?

Are there places where a licensee is not permitted to carry a concealed weapon?

Does the bill provide immunity from liability for certain decisions or actions that may be made under the bill?

Does the bill create penalties for law enforcement officers in relationship to licensees or licenses?

Could a person be charged with disorderly conduct for carrying a weapon?

Does the bill repeal the current crimes of carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a firearm in a public building, and carrying a handgun where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed?

Is a licensee or out-of-state licensee exempted from the current prohibition against possessing an electric weapon?

Does the bill change the penalty for possessing a firearm in a school zone?

Could a licensee possess a firearm in a school?

Does the bill change current law relating to discharging a firearm?

Could a person open carry in a vehicle under the bill?

Could a licensee carry a firearm in a wildlife refuge or state park under the bill?

Download the Memorandum (PDF)

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