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WGO Leads Concealed Carry Media Blast

Gov. Scott Walker has expressed support for a law, and a Republican majority in both houses of the state Legislature strengthens the likelihood a bill would advance to his desk.

Concealed carry bills advanced past the Legislature two times previously, only to fall to former Gov. Jim Doyle’s veto pen.

Corey Graff of Waupaca, executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc., said that despite changes favorable to his cause, he’s not sitting back comfortably and waiting.

“It’s not just a question of when,” he said. “It’s also a question of whether it will be a good bill that respects gun owner rights or a bad bill that creates more gun restrictions and does more harm than good.”

The impact of the November election on the political landscape in Madison left those on both sides of the issue with little doubt that a bill addressing concealed carry will emerge at some point this year.

There’s no timeline on when a bill will emerge.

Walker noted his support along the campaign trail.

“The right to protect ourselves is just that — our right — and it shouldn’t be eroded for political gain,” Walker says on his campaign website. “I support the right of law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm.”

Graff said his foremost concern is freedom. He said the issue comes down to gun owners getting the rights they were guaranteed in the Constitution. He, like Clark, wants a law that doesn’t require a permit to carry a gun a person was legally able to purchase.

Reporters don’t need a license to exercise freedom of the press and people don’t need to undergo background checks to attend the churches of their choice, Graff said.

“Likewise, the right to bear arms is an inalienable right,” he said.  Read More

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