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Wisconsin Concealed Carry: Sell-Out Exposed

State republicans harpoon Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin.

May 10, 2011


The situation with Wisconsin’s concealed carry legislation is CRITICAL. Things are unfolding quickly. There is little time to act. There is much confusion about the two bill proposals on the table.

But this much we know: Most of the republicans in our state legislature are rabid anti-gun extremists who hate Constitutional Concealed Carry.

And the bottom line is this: The republican establishment is selling you out.

There are many underlying reasons why neoconservatives don’t like liberty – and liberty is really what this whole debate between state-issued permit-to-carry and Constitutional Carry is all about.

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I’m assuming that if you’re getting this note, you already understand that a permit, by definition, means someone is “permitting” you to do something – it impliespermission and, therefore, confers a privilege.

This does not square with the right to bear arms, which is inalienable and not a privilege.

Our veterans didn’t fight and die in foreign wars to preserve privileges. They fought and died for liberty and for rights. They fought for freedom.

What’s more, every immigrant landing on Ellis Island applying for U.S. Citizenship is required to understand these basic concepts. But state republicans just don’t get it.

The founders understood that there needed to be checks and balances in place to protect We the People from the government, which tends to always expand and “eat out the substance of the people” and our liberties.

So before you go jumping on the permit-to-carry bandwagon, consider that when you give government the ability to regulate the checks and balances, it destroys the checks and balances.

And while we’re tempted to give state republicans the benefit of the doubt and assume they are just too stupid to understand these basic distinctions, we know better: State republicans are actively fighting against their own colleagues who are trying to introduce Constitutional Carry!

According to our inside sources, Assembly Speaker Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald (R-39) has been bullying freshmen republicans into a carry-by-permit bill – what we now know is the NRA’s much-hailed Personal Protection Act – even though newly-elected tea-party candidates vowed to introduce a Constitutional Carry bill.

Whose side is the NRA on?

In a time when gun owners need to be fighting together as one unified voice for concealed carry, instead republicans with the collaboration of the NRA go public with two bills that are philosophically and diametrically opposed to one another.

Where’s the unity?

It appears a backroom deal has been struck whereby both bills would be allowed to be introduced in the state senate – but the real bill that leadership is pushing (ie. not actively fighting against) is the permit bill.

We believe this gives the NRA and Rep. Jeff Mursau (R-36) in particular the opportunity to give lip service to Constitutional Carry, while actively working to ram a permit bill into law. It allows them to speak out of both sides of their mouth.

Yes, you should be deeply offended by this thinly-veiled sleight of hand.

But you should also watch their actions, and you’ll note that the Constitutional Carry bill was not given a hearing in the assembly. That’s because Fitzgerald and the republican establishment is using every procedural trick in the book to block Constitutional Carry … they hate constitutional liberty so much they won’t even let it get off the ground.

With friends like these – doing all the legwork for anti-gunners to oppose a true pro-gun bill – who needs enemies?

And for those who assume the permit bill is a “step in the right direction,” keep in mind that it includes fees (a gun tax) and a registration list of licensees maintained as a criminal database by the Department of Justice.

Do you support new taxes, bigger government and gun registration?

According to a story in the Wausau News Herald (Galloway introduces concealed gun bill, May 4, 2011), “Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel said he doesn’t support concealed carry.”

He goes on to say how much he dislikes Constitutional rights: “”Overall, I think you’ll find law enforcement doesn’t support (concealed carry).”

And now the punchline: “But if it’s going to pass,” says the chief, “then I just think we need to have a proper system in place.”

“…A proper system in place.”

Translation: An anti-gun police chief who doesn’t respect your right to self-defense, or the Constitution, will support a “proper system.”

By “proper system” is meant taking a blow torch to the Second Amendment by turning a right into a privilege by permit, guilty-until-proven-innocent Brady-style background checks, fees (new gun tax), and gun owner registration – providing DOJ (under which works the anti-gun BATFE) a list of everyone who carries.

Does this sound like a step in the right direction?

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Ask yourself this question: Which bill is supported by anti-gun police chiefs … and why?

Are you going to let republicans get away with their broken promise, where they alleged unified support forVermont-style Carry (Now known more commonly as Constitutional Carry) if someday they, republicans, controlled the assembly, senate and governor’s seat in Wisconsin

Hasn’t that day arrived? Where’s the promised support?

Make no mistake: Constitutional Carry will be THE litmus test in the next election for republican primaries.

Any republican actively opposing Constitutional Carry right now, or failing to support it, will lose the support of gun owners.

Gun owners who support Constitutional Carry are the new swing vote. And we’re not happy.

With public hearings scheduled for Thursday, and concealed carry now on the fast-track, right now we need to focus on action.

As mentioned, there are two hearings happening on May 12: The “NRA Hearing” and the “Gun Owners Hearing.”

The “NRA Hearing” is the Madison Assembly Hearing, at 10:30 am, for the permit bill. This is legislation the NRA openly supports, and if passed will sink Constitutional Carry faster than the Japanese torpedoes that smashed into American battleships in Pearl Harbor.

According to our intel, republican leadership believes the legislation heard at this hearing, LRB-2027/1, the license-to-carry-gun-owner-registration-list-bill is the real bill they intend to pass. They want gun owners at this hearing to lap up what crumbs they’ve thrown us. They want us there so we can hear their rationalization for preemptive surrender. But we have other plans.

The “Gun Owners Hearing” is happening in Wausau, on the same day, at 12:00 noon. This is a Senate Committee hearing to hear LRB-2007/1 – Constitutional Carry, introduced by State Senator Pam Galloway (R-29).

In addition to the Constitutional Carry bill, the senate version of the permit legislation, LRB-2033/1, will be heard here as well. We urge gun owners to support LRB-2007/1, Constitutional Carry.

So here is the new plan: we need everyone who is able to come to the Madison hearing on Thursday at 10:30am rather than the Wausau meeting.  We need you there standing up for Constitutional Concealed Carry

If we can overwhelm their permit carry hearing with support for Constitutional Carry we will force leadership to put Constitutional Carry up for a vote instead of permit carry.


Public Hearings

Madison Hearing

This hearing is a manipulation, a fabricated dog-and-pony show and is an insult to your intelligence. This hearing presents you with a false dilemna: Support a bad carry bill, or publicly oppose “concealed carry.” This is a mockery. State politicians think they can divide-and-conquer gun owners – driving permit-to-carry supporters to Madison and pushing those who support Constitutional Carry up to Wausau.

We recommend attending to show your support for Constitutional Carry, despite the fact that republican leadership only allowed the permit bill.

You can submit copies of your testimony for the committee members there or ahead of time by mail.

Here is the link for the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections (Why wasn’t Constitutional Carry given a hearing?)

Wausau Hearing
LRB-2007/1, Constitutional Carry, is being heard at the Wausau hearing, in addition to LRB-2027/1, the permit-to-carry bill. Again, this is a bait-and-switch strategy used by politicians to drive gun owners apart. We need to be united in our support for Constitutional Carry at this hearing as well.

You can submit copies of your testimony for the committee members there or ahead of time by mail.

Here is the link for the Senate Committee on Judiciary (Why was a permit bill given a hearing in addition to Constitutional Carry?)

Below are pre-written e-mails we encourage you to send immediately. Also call your state representative and state senator and tell them to support Pam Galloway’s Constitutional Carry, LRB-02007/1. The State Capital Switchboard is 1-800-362-9472.

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Actively Fighting For Constitutional Carry – Thank Them

Senator Pam Galloway (R-29)

Representative Scott Krug (R-72)

Representative Dean Knudson (R-30)

Representative Don Pridemore (R-99)


Dear [Senator/Representative]:

Thank you for taking seriously your oath to defend and uphold the Constitution. I applaud you for having the backbone to stand strong for my inalienable right to bear arms by introducing Constitutional Concealed Carry, LRB-2007/1, in the face of serious opposition by “leadership” within your own party. I urge you to stand strong on this issue and push for recorded votes at every opportunity as Constitutional Carry will be the litmus test by which the Republican Base and swing voters will decide future elections. Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) will keep me informed of your good work. Sincerely,


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Actively Fighting Against Constitutional Carry – Express Your Displeasure

Representative Jeff Fitzgerald (R-39)

Representative Jeff Mursau (R-36)
(608) 266-3780


Dear [Representative]:

I am deeply offended that you would conspire to actively oppose Constitutional Carry, and still call yourself “pro-gun.” I am neither fooled nor impressed by your active opposition to the efforts of those in your own party to introduce Constitutional Carry. Furthermore, I am insulted by your thinly-veiled scheme to allow a permit bill to proceed when it contains numerous gun control provisions not supported by gun owners, including fees (a gun tax) and a registration list of licensees maintained as a criminal database by the Department of Justice. I am appalled that you, as a professed conservative, would support new taxes and gun registration.

Constitutional Carry will be the litmus test by which the Republican Base and swing voters will decide future elections. Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) will keep me informed of your actions. Sincerely,


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