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Is the GOP Too Afraid to Fight for Our 2A Rights?

Updated: 8/3/21

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. is sad to inform you that the WI GOP is now on hiatus. They ran out the clock and played the people of Wisconsin in the process.

While there was time to do the right thing and get the Wisconsin Self-Defense and Firearm Freedom Act (WSDFF) authored and introduced as a legislative package, they chose to drag their feet and stonewall WGO.

What’s going on here?

These self-styled champions of the Second Amendment let weeks and months go by, and nothing happened. Now, the WSDFF Act will lay dormant until the legislature is back in session. I am sure they hope we forget.

Just to put this into perspective for you, consider the multi-trillion-dollar stimulus that democrats proposed in congress. That MASSIVE legislative package was written one week and introduced the following week.

So, what is my point?

My point is that lawmakers can move VERY QUICKLY when they want to. WI Republicans don’t want to fight for your gun rights.

You see, when it’s election time and they have their hands out for donations and votes, they always portray themselves as gun rights heroes.

Yet, when the legislative session begins, so do the games and excuses.

2A Sanctuary Betrayal

After Evers’ predictable veto, the Republican leadership refused to do everything in their power to pass 2A sanctuary. Sen. Kapenga and Rep. Vos, the legislative majority leaders of the GOP, declined to call for a special session of the legislature and ignored our attempts to contact them.

A veto override could have very well have been possible if the “pro-2A” Republicans had had the same determination as our opposition. Instead, they opted to “go through the motions” rather than accomplish anything that would protect our rights.

We have a problem.

Gun grabbers and anti-2A politicians are willing to go the distance to steal our rights, but the weak and ineffectual “pro-2A” Republicans are not willing to stick their necks out to defend those rights. They want to do as little as possible, and all they can think of now is sandy beaches and sipping a brandy old-fashioned.

While the people face the most severe threat to their Second Amendment rights in generations, the people who are supposed to fight for us are out to lunch.

Our solution?

Double down on our pressure.

That is why we are asking you to sign the online petition for the WSDFF Act.

Click Here to Sign the Online Petition

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