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Public Hearing For CCW Reciprocity (SB516/AB518)


Dear Pro-Gun activist,

In our last alert, we had mentioned that our inside sources were made aware of the possibility of a public hearing on SB516/AB518 (Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity) coming up on September 29 or 30.

Well, as expected, the State Senate has given Wisconsin residents — who work 9-5 jobs — virtually no time to plan for this public hearing, as they just announced it the day before it was to take place.

But, at the very least, as a WGO supporter, you had the benefit of knowing that the hearing was imminent.

Here’s the rundown:

Public Hearing:
Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021
12:01 PM
Room 411 South
2 E. Main St.
Madison WI 53702

Now, to get to the heart of the matter…


We need to see as many folks come out to attend this meeting as possible. Not only to promote this legislation but to also let our “wise and learned” legislators know that this bill DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH!

Let the Wisconsin DNC and GOP know that WE DEMAND CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY NOW! Reciprocity for concealed carry licensees is just a consolation prize, and though it is a good thing, we must let them know what we really want.
We need to make them aware that anything less than the full passage of the Wisconsin Self-Defense and Firearm Freedom (WSDFF) legislative package is unacceptable:

•    Constitutional Carry (TBD)
•    Stand Your Ground(Rep. Callahan-2A Champion)
•    Campus Carry (Rep. Callahan-2A Champion)

There is a big 2A push coming. This momentum is the result of the massive pressure WGO and its members have been putting on the legislature.

But, we must not let up, and we must make it known that reciprocity is all fine and good, but it is nowhere near enough. We will not accept anything less than full Constitutional Carry (no permit or government permission slip) in the state of Wisconsin.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


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