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WGO will Testify At Public Hearing on Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary Bill

The Assembly Committee on State Affairs has scheduled a public hearing on Rep. Pronschinske’s Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary bill (AB 293) for tomorrow. Republicans hold the majority on that committee 9-4.

Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary (AB 293 and its Senate counterpart SB 314) would remove all funds, resources, and personnel from cooperating with unconstitutional Federal gun control laws and would provide punishment for Federal officers attempting to enforce these laws in the State of Wisconsin.

The hearing will take place:

Tuesday May 25, 2021 @ 12 pm

In RM 417 North (GAR Hall) 2 W Main St, Madison, WI 53703 (Wisconsin Capitol Bldg.)

We need every gun owner and 2A supporter in Wisconsin to turn out. We must show those who stand in the way of this legislation that Wisconsin will do what it takes to protect gun rights. We will do what it takes to get this passed.

Now is the time for patriotic and law-abiding gun owners to make themselves heard in person.

If you have forgotten what is at stake, let me list the gun control measures on the Federal docket since January 2021:

Texas just passed a bill to take suppressors off the NFA schedule, and we want to put Wisconsin on that same pro-gun path. But, of course, this is only possible if you get involved.

In addition to joining me at the State Capitol on Tuesday, please contact the Members of the Assembly Committee on State Affairs. We will list the names and contact info below.


Dear < >,

The Assembly Committee on State Affairs will be holding a hearing on AB 293 (Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary), this Tuesday, May 25th, 2021. I am a resident of Wisconsin and a gun owner. And since Biden took office, I have been highly concerned about my right to keep and bear arms. With the increase in radical and politically motivated violence, our firearm freedoms are more important, relevant, and necessary than ever. Yet, the Federal government continues to attack our gun rights and label law-abiding and patriotic gun owners as “domestic threats.” I have contacted you to say that I want you to vote “Yes” on AB 293 and secure our rights from the encroaching tyranny from Washington. I am a Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) member, and WGO will keep me informed of your actions. Respectfully



List of Committee Members and Contacts

1. Representative Swearingen (Chair)
Tele:(608) 266-7141
Email: Rep.Swearingen@legis.wisconsin.gov

2. Representative Vorpagel (Vice-Chair)
Tele: (608) 266-8530
Email: Rep.Vorpagel@legis.wisconsin.gov

3. Representative Kuglitsch
Tele: (608) 267-5158
Email: Rep.Kuglitsch@legis.wisconsin.gov

4. Representative Tauchen
Tele: (608) 266-3097
Email: Rep.Tauchen@legis.wisconsin.gov

5. Representative Summerfield
Tele: (608) 266-1194
Email: Rep.Summerfield@legis.wisconsin.gov

6. Representative Spiros
Tele:(608) 266-1182
Email: Rep.Spiros@legis.wisconsin.gov

7. Representative Knodl
Tele: (608) 266-3796
Email: Rep.Knodl@legis.wisconsin.gov

8. Representative Brooks
Tele: (608) 267-2369
Email: Rep.Rob.Brooks@legis.wisconsin.gov

9. Representative Schraa
Tele: (608) 267-7990
Email: Rep.Schraa@legis.wisconsin.gov

10. Representative Sinicki
Tele: (608) 266-8588
Email: Rep.Sinicki@legis.wisconsin.gov

11. Representative Pope
Tele: (608) 266-3520
Email: Rep.Pope@legis.wisconsin.gov

12.Representative Ohnstad
Tele: (608) 266-0455
Email: Rep.Ohnstad@legis.wisconsin.gov

13. Representative McGuire
Tele: (608) 266-5504
Email: Rep.McGuire@legis.wisconsin.gov


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