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WGO: The 2021-22 Legislative Session in Review

Wisconsin State Senate. WGO members pushed for passage of SB619, Wisconsin Constitutional Carry, out of committee.

Wisconsin State Senate Chambers

The 2021-22 legislative session will end soon, on May 18, 2022, but before it does, we need your help making a final big push! 

But let me first give you a rundown of the progress we have made this session. 

The political discussion no longer centers around compromise; instead, it is centered around the complete restoration of our 2A rights. Americans are no longer willing to accept anything less than full restoration.  

Still, the entrenched political establishment in Madison maintains a policy of resistance to WGO and our Pro-Gun/Pro-States’ Rights/Pro-Constitutional agenda.  

The reasons are simple, their power and influence are threatened by the grassroots activism and dedication of WGO members and staff. 

The one thing you can always count on from politicians is that they are prone to spinelessness and indecision. They would instead take the safe road of inaction rather than restoring the rights of the people.   

Below, we list the status of the bills WGO supports and opposes.  

The list shows that EVERY anti-gun bill introduced this session has been blocked, and three pro-gun bills made it to the Governor on 4/4/2022.   

While we expect the Governor to veto these bills, there is a slim chance that our floundering Governor may try to pass them to gain traction with the growing number of independents who are pro-gun.  

WGO’s Pro-Gun Bill Status: 

WGO Opposes Bill Status: 

WGO is making progress.  

Despite hostile and powerful political interests trying to stifle WGO’s momentum, we see that WGO was able to push four pro-gun bills through to the Governor this session.  

Not only were we able to get many pro-gun bills introduced and passed by the legislature, but WGO and our members have created an atmosphere in which the above anti-gun bills could not even gain any real support.  

Gun control is becoming a dirty word for Wisconsin politicians.  

All of the above is the result of WGO and our members. 

How can WGO help during an election season? 

In the coming months, candidates with ballot access will begin receiving our “pro-gun candidate survey,” this is how WGO will grade those running for local, state, and federal political office, which are published for our members to review. 

It helps establish a baseline by which we can compare a politician’s promises to what they accomplish once elected. 

Without this survey, we will not have what we need to hold politicians accountable once they get in office. 

What does the future hold?: 

Before the session closes next month, May 18th, 2022, we must remain dedicated to making sure that those bills that the Governor vetoed are brought up for a veto override during the Veto Review Floor period (May 17th-18th) or are immediately reintroduced next session. 

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