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WGO Lobbies for Wisconsin Constitutional Carry

WGO pushes for Wisconsin constitutional carry.

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) urges Wisconsin’s Republican caucus to draft constitutional carry legislation and calendar it for committee consideration.

Constitutional carry (permit-less concealed carry) represents the true expression of the right to bear arms, argued WGO, as the grassroots organization urged Wisconsin’s Republicans to work to fully restore Wisconsinites’ right to bear arms, joining 25 other states that have fully restored their citizens’ right to carry.

“While Wisconsin’s permit-to-carry system was a step in the right direction, gun owners do not accept the requirement to obtain a government license (aka permission slip) to exercise one’s right to self-defense as a permanent solution,” noted Corey Graff, executive director of WGO. “Gun owners see constitutional carry as a return to baseline.”

According to WGO, the resulting bureaucracy and vested financial interests created by the current system’s license fee and superfluous background check required to obtain a concealed weapons license are self-perpetuating and a massive waste of time, effort, energy, and resources.

The Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) has the language for this proposal from prior sessions, so the path to a bill number should not be difficult. See AB669/SB619 (2021-22).

“We’ll score opposition to this matter as an anti-gun vote,” Graff said.

Next step: Sign the Online Petition for Wisconsin Constitutional Carry

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