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Raw Video: Cop Threatens Concealed Carry Permit Holder with Death

“I should blast you in the mouth right now … I’m close to caving in your head.” and “you’re just a stupid human being!”

In this online video, watch a rogue cop go ballistic and threaten to kill a concealed carry permit holder who is simply trying to comply with the outrageous commands of an out-of-control officer. WARNING: Viewer discretion advised, contains violence and vulgarity. Source: Ohioans for Concealed Carry

When traveling in some states like Ohio you must notify a police officer if you are carrying a gun.

While this is problematic for our 1st and 4th Amendment rights it is also impractical and dangerous as the video clip below demonstrates.

Gun owners in other states have faced similar acts of aggression by cops and lived to tell their tale.

These officers are often ignorant of the fact that they are not operating in a  “Shall Notify” state.

A requirement to notify was one of the issues WGO fought so hard to eliminate in Wisconsin’s concealed carry law.

According to one online source, Brown County Sheriff’s Captain Randy Shultz  said, “it’s not the law-abiding folks with permits that will hurt you,” but the criminals who are the danger.

The new concealed carry law will go into effect Nov.1, and requires the Department of Justice to keep a database of gun owners. [Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe] DeCecco said he wants the police to have access to this database for routine operations like traffic stops, so they will have “as much information as possible when responding to a call or performing a traffic stop.”

Schultz said standard police procedure is to treat everyone as potentially armed. “I don’t approach a car on a traffic stop saying this guy is not a permit holder so he’s not armed,” he said.

“…people like you don’t deserve to @#$%#$ move throughout public. Period!…”

Even so, as the nightmare video above illustrates, there are some in law enforcement who hate the notion of an armed citizenry so much they are ready to “go off” at any time and for any reason.

It’s just one reason WGO is lobbying so hard to move from a permit-based system with a “database of gun owners” to Constitutional Carry modeled after the laws of Vermont, Alaska or Wyoming.

But we need your support to operate these lobbying campaigns.

If you’re offended by the video above, buckle up because this sort of hard-core tyranny could be coming to Wisconsin. Please support Wisconsin Gun Owners now so we can do everything in our power to ensure it doesn’t.

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