Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit

Gun owners wishing to apply for a Wisconsin concealed carry permit may visit the Wisconsin Department of Justice website to print an application, which became live November 1, 2011.

Click here for the WI DOJ Concealed Carry Page

Click here to download 2011 Wisconsin Act 35, Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Law

Applications, proof of training and the $50 application fee may be mailed to:

Wisconsin Department of Justice
ATTN: Firearms Unit
PO Box 7130
Madison, WI, 53707-7130

A Wisconsin Hunter Education Certificate qualifies as sufficient training under this law. A duplicate may be purchased for $3.75 and printed using the Wisconsin Conservation Licensing System through the Wisconsin DNR.

Click here to obtain a duplicate.

Visit the WI DOJ webpage for additional FAQs on training requirements.

Forging Ahead on Constitutional Carry

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO)When WGO was founded less than a decade ago, we were the sole voice fighting for Constitutional Carry (referred to then as “Vermont-style carry”) in Wisconsin.

The institutional gun lobby — which was run then, as it is today, through hubris and incompetence — heaped their scorn on us for even daring to bring up the issue, claiming it would “hurt the cause.”

And while some groups jumped on the Constitutional Carry bandwagon earlier this year when everyone assumed the newly-controlled legislature could easily pass it, many of these individuals or groups have become suspiciously quiet on the issue lately, and seem happy to accept Wisconsin’s new concealed carry by permit law as a permanent inevitability.

But we have other plans.

It is one thing to give lip service to something when victory seems within easy reach.

It’s a completely different matter to fight when the going gets tough.

With that sentiment, we’ll let the other groups claim victory. For our part, we’d simply like to welcome you – and invite them – to Phase II of the fight to restore our inalienable right to bear arms.

The only way to stay informed in the battle for Constitutional Carry is to join Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO), Wisconsin’s only no-compromise gun rights organization. Is your WGO membership active? Click here to renew or join

ACTION: Sign the Concealed Carry Petition for Constitutional Carry!