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Online Petition Opposing Wisconsin Background Check Expansion

Urge Wisconsin’s legislature to OPPOSE gun background check “improvement” schemes and instead work to repeal the unconstitutional Brady background check system.

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Step 1. Read the Petition

PETITION TO OPPOSE Wisconsin Background Check Expansion Bills AB368/SB372

To Wisconsin’s Assembly and State Senate

Be It Resolved That…

WHEREAS, The National Instant Check System, or NICS, is unconstitutional and places the people’s right to buy and own guns at the whim of a distant computerized system that acts based on data that can be manipulated or redefined, and;

WHEREAS, The recently proposed Wisconsin legislation AB368/SB372 aims to expand state government bureaucrats’ ability to strip law-abiding gun owners of their gun rights by requiring background checks between trusted family members and lifelong friends, and;

WHEREAS, Gun owners are not fooled by this transparent attempt to package this legislation as “common sense” or “reasonable”; so,

THEREFORE: As a gun owner I urge you to OPPOSE AB368/SB372. Instead of surrendering to the anti-gun agenda’s hysterical demands, we should be resisting it by fighting to abolish existing unconstitutional gun controls like background checks, which the government’s own studies have proven have not reduced access to firearms by criminals but only create a massive illegal blackmarket.

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