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Wisconsin Self-Defense & Firearm Freedom Act Petition

While we have gained some small victories for the Wisconsin Self-Defense and Firearm Freedom Act (WSDFF), there is still a lot of work to do. There is predictably going to be mass resistance from the establishment Republicans and Democrats within the Wisconsin Legislature.

To give you a quick rundown of the WSDFF Act, here’s a recap:

  • Constitutional Carry: The abolishment of CCW licensing
  • Campus Carry: Removal of prohibitions on concealed carry on taxpayer-funded campuses or campuses that the State of Wisconsin directly administers
  • Stand Your Ground: Law-abiding citizens have no obligation to retreat in the face of a force that they believe is deadly or would cause grievous bodily harm

We have talked to our members and law-abiding citizens from across the State, and we have found overwhelming support for the WSDFF Act. But, we need to translate that grassroots support into a tangible and observable expression of the Will of the People. That is why this petition is crucial to moving forward.

Your voice matters! If you want to see the WSDFF Act move forward, then we need you to take these specific steps:

1. Read the Petition

Whereas, the summer of 2020 signified an epidemic of radical violence and politicized policing. Lives were lost, property and businesses burned, and people lived in fear of being targeted. We as people watched as those who attempted to defend themselves were subsequently prosecuted and shamed for acting in self-defense to oppose this rampant violence.

Whereas, the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, and Section 25 of the Wisconsin Constitution, enumerate and protect the right of the people to bear arms without infringement, and Wisconsin’s permit-to-carry system accomplishes nothing but serving as a gun tax and government permission slip to exercise one’s inalienable rights, a repugnant concept that does violence to one’s liberty;

Whereas, gun-free zones have turned our schools, and anywhere that advertises such a policy, into targets for deranged criminals;

Therefore, in the strongest possible terms, I urge our Wisconsin Legislature to introduce and pass the Wisconsin Self-Defense and Firearm Freedom Act (WSDFF). This bill would act as a protection for the innocent and reaffirm the promises of the Constitution. The WSDFF Act would include a stand your ground law, removing any obligation to retreat in the face of violence that poses an imminent threat of deadly force or force that would cause grievous bodily injury. It would include Campus Carry, which would remove prohibitions on carrying a weapon or firearm on any school campus administered by the State of Wisconsin or receiving tax dollars. It would empower college students of 21 years and older, parents, and faculty to ensure their campus safety. It would also include a Constitutional Carry provision, which would abolish the need for arbitrary State licensing to carry concealed.

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) will keep me informed of your actions.

2. Sign the Petition

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