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Petition for WI 2A Sanctuary

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Petition for Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary

Be it resolved that…
Whereas, The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights enumerates my God-given right to be armed at all times, with whatsoever I choose, for the defense of self, family, and country; Section 25 of the Wisconsin Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms without respect to the type of firearms, accessories, parts, where and when I can be armed, and without the burden of excessive taxation and regulation by the government;

Whereas; The State retains the right to nullify any law that infringes the Liberties of its citizens, as enumerated in the Bill of Rights and Wisconsin Constitution, as well as having the responsibility to protect them from the unconstitutional overreaches the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress have proposed in their federal gun control package;

Therefore, I urge you to sponsor and support the Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary bill proposed by Rep. Pronschinske of the 92nd Assembly District of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. will keep me informed of your actions.

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