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Session Report

Join Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) For Just $10 … Next 24 Hours Only

This legislative session saw an unprecedented flood of gun control wash over the Wisconsin legislature.

  • SB312 would have reinstated the handgun waiting period in Wisconsin
  • AB334 would have forced a state-level “domestic violence” gun ban scheme
  • AB573/SB530 would have created red-flag gun confiscation orders

Thankfully, grassroots activists from Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) stopped these threats.

But anti-gun state politicians in Madison are regrouping right now, and you can bet we’ll face them again in 2021.

That’s why this 24-Hour Membership Drive is so critical.

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Join WGO, get this FREE decal for your car or truck!

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If you’re not a member of WGO, will you take a minute right now to activate your membership?

Thank you,

Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. – State politicians failed to ram through new gun controls in the Wisconsin legislature. But they are regrouping now for Round 2. Send them a strong message by ACTIVATING your membership in Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. for just $10 … now through tomorrow. Your support will ensure Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) has the membership levels in 2021 to hold these people accountable.


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