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Petition Opposing H.R. 1620 Federal Misdemeanor Gun Grab

Petition Opposing H.R. 1620
aka “Federal Raise Your Voice, Lose Your Guns Act of 2021”

To the U.S. Congress:

Be it resolved that… 

Whereas, the Second Amendment guarantees my right to keep and bear arms lawfully; the Fourth Amendment guarantees that I will not be subject to illegal searches and seizures; and the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution guarantee the right to due process, the right to face my accusers and the right to a trial by jury before my constitutionally protected property can be seized from my possession; 

Whereas, no one consulted me about the so-called “compromise” agreement reached between congressional Democrats and Republicans on H.R. 1620, or VAWA (The Violence Against Women’s Act of 2021); 

Whereas, H.R. 1620 would give the government the ability to charge gun owners with misdemeanor domestic violence and confiscate their guns even if accusers cannot prove that there is a family, romantic or paternal/maternal relationship.  

Whereas, H.R. 1620 would grant the government an almost limitless ability to target political opposition, religious minorities, and those who hold unpopular opinions for confiscation of their legal firearms, just if the person they “cohabitate” with claims to feel “threatened.”   

Therefore, in the strongest possible terms, I urge that you OPPOSE H.R. 1620 (Violence Against Women’s Act of 2021) and protect the rights and property of all citizens of these United States, from federal overreach and breach of contract. 

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