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Red-Flag Gun Confiscations Petition

Here they come ...

Online Petition Opposing Gun Confiscation Orders in Wisconsin

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Step 1. Read the Petition

OPPOSE RED-FLAG GUN LAWS WHEREAS, so-called “Red-Flag Laws,” also known as “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” or “Gun Violence Restraining Orders,” have now passed in 12 states and these gun confiscation orders crush due process, leaving the subject of the order without any recourse to refute false allegations; WHEREAS, these laws have already been used to justify the murder of law-abiding gun owners who did not immediately surrender their firearms; and WHEREAS, such laws are a knee-jerk reaction to high-profile mass shootings that occur in Gun Free Zones — shootings that are in fact the result of failed gun control laws; THEREFORE, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to stand for due process and OPPOSE dangerous red-flag gun laws that endanger Wisconsin citizens who own guns. I am a member of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) and they will keep me informed of your actions.

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