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Petition Opposing AB321/SB317

Petition Opposing AB321/SB317
aka “The Raise Your Voice, Lose Your Guns Act of 2021”

To the Wisconsin Legislature:
Whereas, as written, so-called “misdemeanor domestic violence” laws are not adequately defined in the State of Wisconsin and leave too much room for ambiguity and arbitrary interpretations by Districts Attorney and responding officers;
Whereas, we have seen misdemeanor domestic violence laws interfering with parental rights and other ambiguous laws being used to target lawful gun owners by politically motivated prosecutors and bureaucrats;
Whereas, under the current definition of misdemeanor domestic violence, a person’s medical choices could lead to politicized prosecution and gun confiscation;
Whereas, so-called “misdemeanor domestic violence” can mean virtually anything, including: raising your voice during a verbal argument; spanking your child; raising your voice to your child;
Therefore, I urge in the strongest possible terms that this proposed legislation be dropped or that the committees refine the definition of misdemeanor domestic violence infractions to prevent the targeting of lawful gun owners based on politicized prosecution, arbitrary interpretations, or medical decisions.
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