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Wisconsin 2A Pledge

To the Wisconsin Legislature:

I am a member of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc (WGO). I chose WGO because it believes, like I do, that our Right to Bear Arms is inalienable. For the past year, WGO has been stonewalled and bullied by state politicians in Madison proclaiming to be defenders of the Second Amendment. Besides a small handful of 2A champions, the legislative leadership at the State Capitol has done everything in its power to offend and insult the gun owners of this state. When WGO members show up to support Thomas Leager at public hearings, we watch in astonishment as he is badgered and bullied by Republicans and Democrats alike. Those same people that proclaim to be defenders of our gun rights run away or go in the backrooms with the “connected” lobbyists who “know how it works around here.” I pledge to put my support behind WGO and help in any way to oppose any politician trying to stifle or stonewall WGO’s no-compromise mission. We gun owners in Wisconsin have had enough of the games. We want results and cooperation, not just empty platitudes and words. Please end this silliness and work with WGO to strategize victory for Wisconsin citizens — to not just introduce but pass integral pro-gun legislation. Together we are strong. Divided, we are weak. 

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