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Wisconsin Stand Your Ground Petition

Online Petition for Stand Your Ground Self-Defense Law Upgrade in Wisconsin

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Petition to Wisconsin Legislature
WHEREAS anti-gun zealots would take us back to the “bad ol’ days” in 2003 — when a 78 year-old man was taken through the wringer by the legal system because he shot a man breaking into his trailer – and a 71 year-old-man was almost destroyed by the legal system because he used a gun to defend his 63 year-old friend against thugs who were trying to rob him;

WHEREAS statistics on Stand Your Ground laws indicate homicides have dropped by as much as 16.1%;WHEREAS this means that many – perhaps hundreds – of people are alive today because criminals have had to pause before robbing or killing them;

WHEREAS in most cases, criminals have had to pause not because a victim pulled a gun, but because the killer didn’t know whether or not the victim had a gun;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we call upon Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to pass a good Stand Your Ground law for Wisconsin and oppose efforts to undermine Castle Doctrine self-defense laws.

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