WI Gun Rights: Bloomberg’s State-Level Attack Plan Revealed

Bloomberg’s millionaire-funded New York-based anti-gun group — Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)– is already operating here in Wisconsin and they plan to do the same thing to us that they’ve done to states like Connecticut and Colorado.

Update On Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act

An urgent note from State Rep. Michael Schraa about the Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act.

Appleton: AR-15 Open-Carriers Harrassed By Police

Residents who were upset that two men carried rifles near the downtown farmers market in early September flooded City Hall with electronic messages and called for corrective action, a review of public records showed.

Amendments to Cops-Only Carry Sugar-Coats Problem

Amendments to Assembly Bill 9 appear to have appeased the institutional gun lobby, while anti-gun police groups use concealed carry rights as a bargaining chip to advance special privileges.

WGO Renews Fight for Constitutional Carry

Wisconsin concealed carry: After a year of government permission carry, it’s time to pass Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin, says WGO.

WGO Launches Campaign to Defend Against Semi-Auto Ban

The timeline of events as illustrated by comments made by Obama himself and his administration show a ramping up to a final attack to reinstate, expand and make permanent the Clinton-era semi-auto ban.

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