Must-See: Targeted, The Documentary

Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) is proud to support this hard-hitting documentary, which is playing Thursday, 9/29 at theaters throughout Wisconsin.

WI: Look Who’s Blocking Campus Carry

A bill in the Wisconsin legislature allowing concealed carry on school grounds is being blocked by state republicans who say it’s a not a priority.

WI Semi-Auto Ban Introduced

While everyone was distracted with the national circus known as the republican debates, Wisconsin democrats launched a nightmare ban on semi-automatic firearms.

SOS: Wisconsin’s Gun Rights Organization Needs Help

Obama and the gun banners have launched a full scale war against gun owners. But anti-gun forces will prevail if Wisconsin’s leading pro-gun organization is allowed to go down in flames.

Trojan Horse: Oppose WI Seized Guns Legislation

AB13 is a Trojan Horse. That it is supported by the Milwaukee Police Association tells you all you need to know.

GOP Sen. Toomey: Background Checks Are Not ‘Gun Control,’ They’re ‘Common Sense’

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey talks out of both sides of his mouth as he becomes one of the most outspoken “conservative” voices defending background checks for gun purchases.

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