GOP Sen. Toomey: Background Checks Are Not ‘Gun Control,’ They’re ‘Common Sense’

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey talks out of both sides of his mouth as he becomes one of the most outspoken “conservative” voices defending background checks for gun purchases.

John Cornyn Introduces NRA-Supported Background Check Bill

The Senate’s second most powerful Republican is pitching his own plan to prevent the mentally ill from obtaining firearms — and he’s gotten the National Rifle Association to endorse the measure.

Obama to Disarm Senior Citizens

In his final months in office, Obama will unleash what some are calling the ‘largest gun grab in U.S. history.’

Wisconsin Democrats Revive Push for Universal Background Checks

Democratic lawmakers are once again introducing legislation to require universal background checks for all firearms purchases in Wisconsin.

Post-Election: False Sense of Security?

GOP victories on Election Day mean we’re now safe from gun control. We can turn a blind eye and trust republicans to do the right thing when it comes to Wisconsin gun rights. Right? Not exactly.

WI Gun Rights: Bloomberg’s State-Level Attack Plan Revealed

Bloomberg’s millionaire-funded New York-based anti-gun group — Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)– is already operating here in Wisconsin and they plan to do the same thing to us that they’ve done to states like Connecticut and Colorado.

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