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DOJ Launches National Gun Confiscation Center

| April 8, 2024

Photo: Mark Van Scyoc

The threat of red-flag gun confiscations has taken the next terrifying step to becoming a reality.

On March 23, 2024, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the launch of its National Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Resource Center.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) has called it the National Gun Confiscation Resource Center.

The Center was launched with a $2 million award from the DOJ to the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions.

Only 21 states have enacted some form of extreme risk protection law (aka “confiscate your guns without due process, ask questions later”), but now, with Biden and Republicans recently ramming through the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” to “protect communities from gun violence,” the ERPO Resource Center will be the federal headquarters for national gun confiscations.

So far, WGO has stopped Wisconsin legislators from enacting such a law in this state, but the screams from the control freaks in Madison only grow louder.

In most of the red flag laws, there is no penalty for someone who calls in a bogus “red flag” on you to have your guns confiscated.

In fact, in some locales, simply purchasing a gun or ammunition marks you as a “dangerous person,” which can trigger a massive law enforcement response descending on your home, complete with entire SWAT teams and no-knock raids.

As a reminder, here’s how red-flag risk orders work: someone reports or “red flags” you to the government. A secret court (one that you are not allowed to attend or even have representation at) decides if you’re a “threat” and issues a gun confiscation order.

The police come and knock on your door immediately.

They demand your guns.

Just like that, your gun rights are gone … no due process, presumption of innocence, or legal defense.

All it takes is for a nosy neighbor or disgruntled ex-spouse to report you.

Doctors will now be asking you if you own guns and could report you.

Even if someone downright lies about you, you have no due process to refute the allegations … until after they take your guns.

The legal costs of hiring an attorney and getting your firearms returned and your name cleared could easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Both parties created the draconian nightmare. (Republican John Cornyn compromised and worked with Democrats to ram through the so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

WGO is working to oppose red-flag gun laws in Wisconsin and defund the Orwellian National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center.

Congressman Mike Bost (R-Illinois) introduced H.R. 705, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, to protect veterans from this systematic disarmament scheme.

WGO is working on two things:

1. Amend H.R. 705 to delete the current list of veterans tossed into the NICS system.
2. Pass H.R. 705 to stop the Veterans Gun Ban permanently.

(Credit and thanks to GOA for its leadership on this issue in Congress.)

Once red-flag gun confiscation becomes law in Wisconsin, it will be virtually impossible to repeal it.

And now, with a federally funded National Gun Confiscation Resource Center now a reality, the future of gun rights could be very bleak.

We’ve already seen how federal “Fusion Centers” were established after 9/11 to consolidate resources and build a 1984-style surveillance grid to watch the millions of citizens placed on the feds’ unconstitutional watchlist.

Now, that kind of federal resource centralization is being amassed to use against gun owners.

The anti-gunners won’t have to repeal the Second Amendment; they’ll disarm gun owners one by one using the power of the new National Gun Confiscation Resource Center.

No gun owner will be safe:

Veterans suffering from PTSD.

Retired police officers dealing with anxiety.

Activists espousing unpopular (pro-gun) viewpoints.

Anyone going through a divorce from a vindictive ex.

People with hateful neighbors who despise hunters.

Anyone who votes.

Anyone who belongs to a gun club.

Anyone who has a bumper sticker on their vehicle.

Anyone who has ever attended a political conference or rally.


1. Sign the online petition opposing so-called “extreme risk restraining orders” or red-flag gun confiscations in Wisconsin.

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