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2017-2018 Session

State Legislature




Support Extending expiration dates of renewed licenses to carry a concealed weapon for the entire period. The WDOJ was issuing renewal notices that cut the five-year renewal period short, which in essence short-changed licensees.  Status: Passed into law.  2017 WI Act 5
Oppose This bill outlaws private property, does nothing to thwart illegal use of firearms. Status: Stopped


 Oppose Waiting period for purchase of handguns. Status: Stopped


Constitutional Carry. Carrying concealed weapons without state-issued permit or DOJ background check/database. 
Status: Failed


 Oppose Current law prohibits a person from carrying a firearm in certain buildings owned or leased by the state or a local government if properly posted. This bill allows the state or a local government to post vehicles that are part of a public mass transportation system.
Status: Stopped
SB17 Oppose Creates entrapment of lawful gun owners, with no impact on use of guns by dangerous criminals. Status: Stopped
SB346 Oppose This bill requires that a person who applies to the Department of Justice for a license to carry a concealed weapon undergo at least eight hours of training, one hour of which involves shooting range experience. Status: Stopped
 SB347  Oppose This bill requires that an individual who is applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon submit, as part of his or her application, proof of general liability insurance in the amount of at least $800,000 per firearm per occurrence of bodily injury, death, or property damage that may arise out of the use of the applicant’s firearm. This bill also requires the Department of Justice to suspend a license if the licensee no longer has such an insurance policy in force.  Status: Stopped

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