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Evers Election Spells Big Trouble for Wisconsin Gun Rights

| December 26, 2018 | 2 Comments

Wisconsin has a new Governor, and this one is even more hostile to gun rights than the outgoing one.

Democrat Tony Evers edged out Scott Walker in the Wisconsin governor’s race, while state republicans kept control of the assembly and state senate.

Tony Evers has said he will make it harder for people to get concealed carry permits and, like Scott Walker, opposes Constitutional Carry.

But what should really worry Badger State gun owners is Evers’ wishlist for gun control in Wisconsin:

  • Universal background checks (total control to deny you your right to purchase guns for any reason they invent)
  • State registry of firearms (gun owner registration list)
  • Ban on certain accessories like bump stocks and so-called “high-capacity” mags (“Evers Calls For Tougher Gun Laws In Wisconsin”

“I think we have to be pragmatic here, we have to start someplace,” Evers said. “We’ve had young people all across the country, people in high schools, saying, ‘Enough is enough, the adults have to stand up and do something.'”

“Do something.”

Those two chilling words have become code speak for, “Take the guns.”

Here’s the problem. Many gun owners will wrongly assume that a republican assembly and state senate will keep Evers’ extreme gun ban measures from reaching his desk.

But WGO is warning gun owners not to make that assumption.

If history is any indication, following the next “tragedy” Evers will push the state legislature to “do something,” and will label his extreme gun controls “reasonable restrictions.”

And that’s when republicans will cave and go along with public pressure.

That’s why Wisconsin Gun Owners is urging pro-gun activists around Wisconsin to stay vigilant to keep republicans from selling out and compromising.

The greatest danger to our gun rights is right now.

It’s the perfect storm – a rabid anti-gun Governor and a legislature willing to sell you out in order to appear “reasonable.”


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Corey Graff is the executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), a pro-gun activist, and a lifelong gun owner from Wisconsin.

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  1. Joshua wuttke says:

    Welcome to socialism 101. No longer is the dnc having to be shady about it.

    When half the country wants it. Guess what happens we lose. Gun owners are the small minority of people in the us. Even then we cant all stand on the shall not infringe points. Most are willing to compromise like the nra.

  2. Scott Reynolds says:

    Why are we worried about this?, we have the guns. They should fear us.
    When they come to take my guns they can pry them from my cold dead hands, but not before I take a couple of the bastards with me.
    Why should I join your organization?
    What do I get outta the deal ?

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