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Assault Weapons Ban Poised For Passage In The Senate Without Immediate Action

| August 6, 2022
It's official: Democratic platform includes renewed push for assault weapons ban.

HR 1808 The Assault Weapons Ban of 2022 is Dangerously Close to Passing

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: Despite the recent massive victories for the Second Amendment in the United States Supreme Court and lower federal judicial jurisdictions, the anti-gunners aren’t backing down but are instead going for broke!

They are pouring millions into electing anti-gun candidates in the mid-terms and are targeting Wisconsin directly.

Why won’t Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R) reign his caucus in on gun control?

If that weren’t bad enough, it was two traitorous House Republicans that sold out our Right To Bear Arms by voting for the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022.

Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) and Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-N.Y.) were the deciding factors in the AWB passing the House, even as five Democrats, including Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI), voted against the bill.

So we ask you, can we count on the likes of Mitch McConnell to defend our rights in the Senate?

There was every chance to kill this bill in the House, yet Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) couldn’t be bothered to do the bare minimum to get his party on the same page.

 We cannot simply trust the GOP; we must take IMMEDIATE ACTION.

 The Assault Weapons Ban of 2022 makes the ’94 ban look like child’s play, and Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. (WGO) is not about to put our faith in feckless GOP politicos in the Senate. We are calling out ALL pro-gun activists to answer the call and stand against HR 1808.

Some of what is included in HR 1808:

  • Magazine capacity ban
  • Bans the most commonly used firearms in the United States, including handguns
  • Bans most semi-auto parts
  • Bans foregrips and telescoping stocks
  • And more…

Not to mention that the Assault Weapons Ban is just the tip of the iceberg; as we already stated, gun control activists are doubling down financially and have an almost limitless number of resources and allies in high places.

Pro-gun activists must close ranks now!

Bloomberg, Giffords, David Hogg, and every major anti-gun PAC across the country are vowing to do whatever it takes to get their unconstitutional agenda passed, even if it means openly committing insurrection against the courts.

They have demonstrated this at every turn.

And they have allies in the White House, Congress, the ATF, and the media.

Out-of-control ATF:

The ATF recently visited a man’s home because he, “…purchased multiple firearms…”, and the agency claimed this was sufficient grounds for a possible straw purchase investigation. Story Linked here

These ATF agents bullied the man until he showed them one of the recently purchased firearms, along with the serial number.

 That was apparently enough to satisfy their dystopian investigation, but this is far from the only example of the ATF’s belligerence and abuse of public trust.

 An ATF industry operations investigator (IOI) was caught red-handed on video taking unlawful mass photocopies of FFL files, which is prohibited by the ATF’s own rules.

“IOIs are only allowed to photocopy ATF 4473 or other documents to log violations. Those copies must be treated as “evidence.” The ATF’s own rules strictly prohibit the mass copying of 4473 forms or any other documents. In the video, the ATF employee can be seen photographing the entire A&D logbook instead of just the relative sections. The surrendering of documents is also supposed to be voluntary by the FFL. AmmoLand News does not believe that Black Metal Firearms consented to have their records copied. The unidentified IOI in the video appears to be violating those rules.”— AmmoLand News

1000% Semi-Auto Tax Introduced:

If anti-gunners cannot get their Assault Weapons Ban passed the Senate filibuster, they have already devised a plan B.

This new gun control scam was introduced as bill HR 8051, which Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) says could bypass the filibuster via Senate reconciliation rules.

It is a 1000% tax on semi-automatic firearms, which would only need the tie-breaking vote of VP Kamala Harris to pass.

And if things were not bad enough…

Dictionaries aid anti-gun propaganda:

Dictionaries are getting into the game of attacking gun rights, as well. The AWB of 2022 is receiving critical assistance from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, as WGO discovered when researching the current definition of Assault Rifle.

Merriam-Webster—one of the world’s most prestigious dictionaries—has officially changed the definition of Assault Rifle. The original definition is: Any of various intermediate-range, magazine-fed military rifles (such as the AK-47) that can be set for automatic or semi-automatic fire.” Also known as a select-fire rifle.

Now here is what they added:”…also: a rifle that RESEMBLES a military assault rifle but is designed to allow only semiautomatic fire….”

So, these anti-gun zealots have friends in high places and have even influenced one of the world’s most prominent dictionaries to change how it defines words.

Words and their meanings dictate our reality, so we thought this point worth noting as “fact-checkers” can now officially say that semi-autos fall under the definition of assault weapons and rifles.

All these examples highlight the danger we are in as gun owners.

We cannot rest in thinking that the Bruen decision has ended the fight, nor blindly trust that Senate Republicans will hold the line and kill HR 1808, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022.

That is why we must inundate our Senators with messages telling them to vote NO on HR 1808.

Please add your name to WGO’s crucial petition opposing HR 1808 here.

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