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HR 5175 Delayed, Not Deceased

| June 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

State Gun Rights Groups Irate Over NRA Sell-Out“We did what was in the best interests for the NRA and the Second Amendment, and we would do it again. We do not take positions on bills that do not affect us.”

That was NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam quoted in “Politico” discussing HR 5175, a bill that would allow free speech for the NRA and cut out almost everyone else.

HR 5175 is a blatantly unconstitutional bill that would end free speech for countless organizations and was opposed by the NRA until they cut a backroom deal with Democrats in Congress. NRA would be “carved out” of this bill and the NRA would slink away and end any opposition to it. All other pro-gun organizations, including other national and all state-wide groups would be silenced, with the NRA’s tacit blessing, and the NRA would be assured of a monopoly on political speech before elections.

Of course, just like much of McCain Feingold, this bill, if passed, will be overturned by the courts. But not before the next election, and that is exactly what the anti-gun majority is planning for. The bill is intended to protect people like NRA darling Harry Reid for one more election cycle.

Since the NRA cut this shameful deal they have been working overtime to spin, and yes, lie about the bill, their positions and their intentions.  Start with their letter to Congress here.

Notice how they describe this bill: “This unnecessary and burdensome requirement would leave it in the hands of government officials to make a determination about the type and amount of speech that would trigger potential criminal penalties.”

Yet when offered their few pieces of silver, the NRA said “fine with us” and of course “we’d do it again.”

The NRA’s Chris Cox says “there is no legitimate reason to include the NRA in H.R. 5175’s overly burdensome disclosure and reporting requirements.” But smaller, less well funded organizations should be included.

In their column called “Setting The Record Straight On The “DISCLOSE Act” The NRA may have inadvertently done just that. There, they state “Consequently, congressional leaders announced they would exempt us from its draconian restrictions on political speech. If that happens, we will not be involved in final consideration of this bill in the House. If it doesn’t, we will strongly oppose the bill.

In other words, this is by everyone’s estimation a horrible bill, but as long as the NRA get’s its “carve out” they will not oppose it.

NRA’s first vice president, David Keene writes this “I consider such restrictions to be not only repugnant, but blatantly unconstitutional, an opinion shared by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Institute for Legislative Action Executive Director Chris Cox”  and “The so-called “DISCLOSE ACT” is a horrible piece of legislation designed to do exactly what you suggest. It would require advocacy groups to run a regulatory gauntlet designed to make it very difficult for many of them to play the role for which they were formed and is both bad policy and flies in the face of recent Supreme Court decisions.”

And yet, the NRA, in spite of their own descriptions of this bill as “horrible” have withdrawn an opposition as long as they are not included. So state-wide groups from coast to coast will be left spinning in the wind with the blessing of the NRA, because they were exempted from something THEY call  “repugnant.”

We know there are some who will defend the NRA under any circumstances. Whether it be their joining the Brady Campaign  to pass HR 2640, the anti-gun “mental health” bill or Charlton Heston’s radio proclamation that American citizens have no right to own military style firearms. But we firmly believe that this action by NRA is inexcusable.

If only the richest organizations deserve free speech then our Constitution is truly a relic. If the NRA is ok with that, then those of their members who are not , should let them know.

HR 5175 was pulled from the schedule last week. That was a certain, but very temporary victory for liberty and the Constitution. But it is far from dead. With the exception of Greg Walden, all of Oregon’s congressional delegation are in the pocket of Nancy Pelosi. It would be far more productive in the short time we may have before this bill returns to contact NRA and demand they oppose HR 5175.

You can reach the NRA at (800) 392 8683. or by e-mail at:

Or contact their officers here:

Ronald L. Schmeits, NRA President:
Home: 18 Private Rd #2001ST, Raton NM 87740, (575) 445-5836, (575) 445-2080 fax
Office: International Bank,200 S 2nd Street, Raton NM 87740-3908, (575) 445-2321

Charles L. Cunningham, Director, NRA-ILA Federal Affairs:
4864 Oakcrest Drive, Fairfax VA 22030
703-352-3245, 202-651-2570

David A. Keene, NRA 1st Vice President:
5602 Dawes Ave, Alexandria VA 22311-1102, 703-671-5602

James W. Porter II, NRA 2nd Vice President:
215 21st St N # 1000, Birmingham AL 35203-3710, (205) 322-1744

Source: Oregon Firearms Federation

Editor’s Note: This Bill has passed the House, and now moves to the Senate. Stay tuned for further alerts on this dangerous piece of legislation.

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