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WGO Launches Pro-Concealed Carry Signs Campaign

| March 19, 2012 | 5 Comments

Wisconsin Pro-CCW SignsThanks to the support of the members of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), pro-gun businesses can now boldly show their support for concealed carry by posting one of WGO’s new Pro-CCW signs. It’s part of the Wisconsin gun rights organization’s pro-concealed carry campaign.

The signs are part of what WGO calls its DEFEND WISCONSIN PROGRAM, in response to the anti-gun signs being posted by some businesses around Wisconsin to prohibit concealed carry. It also aims to counter the anti-gun smear campaign of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE), the notorious Madison-based anti-gun group. That organization launched a statewide campaign called SAFE WISCONSIN, which allegedly encourages businesses to post NO WEAPONS signs. In a direct mail letter sent to donors, WAVE wrote:

A ‘dangerous new law allowing the carrying of concealed, loaded weapons in public Reckless, dangerous legislation.’Pro-gun extremists’ acting with a ‘blatant disregard for the impact their recklessness has on people’s lives.’ – Jeri Bonavia, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

However, according to WGO, businesses duped by this rhetoric are adopting an unsafe policy, which keeps out the very people with the means to deter crime. That was evident recently when an armed robber wielding a shotgun invaded an Aldi’s grocery store in Milwaukee — a business that prohibited concealed carry. Thankfully, someone was in the store who had not seen the sign and was carrying a handgun. That individual, Nazir Al-Mujaahid, shot several times at the robber causing the suspect to flee. Both suspects were later apprehended.

“What’s at stake here isn’t just a goofy anti-gun policy that inconveniences gun owners with carry permits,” said Corey Graff, Executive Director of WGO.  “What’s on the line is the creation of a statewide network of dangerous Criminal Safe Zones where everyone is forced to be defenseless. That’s why we’re providing these signs to businesses — to show the public that guns carried by good guys is a good thing, that self-defense is not something we’re ashamed of.”

Last fall, WGO launched its successful Don’t Buy List Program, which to date has listed over 800 anti-gun businesses around the state. These businesses are put on alert that gun owners will no longer patronize them until the signs are removed. To date, nearly two dozen businesses have reversed course and removed the signs, thanks to grassroots pressure from vigilant members of WGO.

The WGO Pro-CCW Signs feature the words NOTICE: PRO-CCW PROPERTY. Below that a paragraph notifies visitors: “Concealed carry by law-abiding gun owners on this property is welcomed and encouraged. The owners recognize the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights and Section 25 of the Wisconsin Constitution enumerating the right of the people to keep and bear arms for self-defense. You are entering a Criminal Free Zone.

Action: How Do I Help Distribute the Pro-CCW Sign?

We need your help to fund this program. There are two ways you can help distribute signs: You can make a general donation, which will allow us to provide signs for free to businesses. We will send a sign(s) directly to a business.

Or, you can order as many signs as you like, which we’ll send to you as free premiums, when you contribute at the donation levels listed here. We will send the sign(s) to you to post with the business owner’s or management’s permission.

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Corey Graff is the executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), a pro-gun activist, and a lifelong gun owner from Wisconsin.

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  1. Jerry Ulrich says:

    I have reported two businesses that have no cc signs, but the list has not been up dated since 3/13/12. Whats going on? Also, I believe stores should have a large sign on display out in front so we can just drive by. Thanks for your time and good work. Jerry

  2. J.G. Tardif says:

    Now that’s a great idea. Keep on the offence and proudly support firearms ownership and an armed citizenry.

  3. TechiePatriot says:

    I know Fleet Farm in Wausau, WI displays a pro-conceal carry sign on their wall as you come in that WELCOME conceal carry folks. No “prohibited” signs on the doors or windows.

  4. Phil says:

    Would it be too much work to create a list of pro-concealed carry businesses? I think it would have a better effect than just blocking anti’s alone.

  5. Timothy Yorgan says:

    Actually the anti gunners make foolish mistakes with their signs and reveal a dismal ignorance of the law. For instance “Time Warner Cable” has a sign on their door in Racine [I didn’t measure the size]and it’s mounted at about 12 to 16 inches from the bottom of the door [not a prominent spot]. It has only these words with a picture of a gun, “CONCEAL CARRY WEAPONS NOT PERMITTED”,[to me this reads they want to see my gun, so I dasn’t conceal it from them] so I removed my concealment shirt and walked in “OPEN CARRY”, to exchange my modem. Not a word was spoken of my weapon and I kindly informed the clerk of the error, showing him my weapon. A week later their were no sign changes and I conducted my business with open carry. I guess my point is…if you want to disarm me, then be specific.

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