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Post-Election: False Sense of Security?

| November 14, 2014 | 0 Comments


GOP victories on Election Day mean we’re now safe from gun control. We can turn a blind eye and trust republicans to do the right thing. Right?

Not exactly.

The reality is, despite an expanded republican majority, gun owners have a new enemy to fear: compromise on so-called “reasonable” gun control schemes like universal background checks.

You see, I’m afraid now that all the celebrations are winding down and it’s time to get to work, reality is setting in and state politicians will soon go back to doing what they do best … controlling and regulating your firearms.

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but don’t trust these guys. Ever.

State politicians believe gun owners have been lulled to sleep and feel empowered to go along with so-called “reasonable” or “bi-partisan” gun measures. That’s how they roll.

Last week, state republicans in the assembly expanded their majority from 60-39 to 63-36. The State Senate GOP majority increased to 19-14 (State Senator Glenn Grothman won his congressional bid, leaving the 20th Senate District vacant).


Many gun owners assume conservatives will use this newfound majority—the biggest it’s been in 50 years—as a Big Stick to force pro-gun reforms to the floor and to Governor Walker’s desk.

However, I think that is wishful thinking.

Look at history. Neoconservatives are habitual do-nothings when it comes to sticking their neck out to resist measures like background check “improvement” schemes or anything leftists are able to label as “reasonable.” Hell, they’ll probably be the ones pushing for it … especially if we’re not watching closely and being VERY vigilant.

In fact, neocons are notorious for being overly sensitive to their “image” and always allow the anti-gunners to redefine the terrain of battle.

Make no mistake. Universal background checks are nothing but universal gun registration. And must be opposed at all costs. Expect it to be an issue in the upcoming session.
In fact, I think many republicans will support this sort of insidious gun control. I hope I’m wrong. Unfortunately history is pretty clear on that question.

And while we’re optimistic that Wisconsin’s GOP leaders will rise up against the establishment and fight against all gun control, and even take the lead on rolling back anti-gun laws in Wisconsin, we’re not letting down our guard.

With a legislative majority handed to them by gun owners, any failure now to pass real pro-gun reforms would be a permanent breach of trust.


Will they do the right thing by opposing all gun control and actively work with WGO to implement positive pro-gun changes? Time will tell. But don’t expect much without serious grassroots pressure.

And that’s where you come in and why I need you to sign the Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive.

It’s vital our new representatives hear from the folks who put them in power—before they turn around and abuse that trust by cutting backroom deals.

Republicans have been given a unique opportunity to restore our firearm freedoms. With WGO’s leadership they may do just that—but it will take hard work and steady reminding from the folks who put them there.

That’s you. That’s me. And thousands of pro-gun WGO activists around the state. All sending one simple message: Time to restore our gun rights. No excuses.

One more thing. Our general expense coffers are dangerously low. I’m wondering if you can you help out with a contribution today? Any gift you can give—$25, $50, $100 or more—will keep us in the game and our programs in place.

But no matter what please take the first step and sign your Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive right away. It’s really important.


Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S.— Despite republican victories on Election Day and newly-expanded GOP majorities in both the Wisconsin Assembly and State Senate, gun owners need to remain vigilant and send a message that pro-gun reforms are still needed … and expected. Please sign your Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive right away.

Also, our accounts are dangerously low and without your help we’ll have to cut critical programs. Can you chip in $25, $50 or more today? That will keep us on track and able to fight. Thanks for your help.


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Corey Graff is the executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), a pro-gun activist, and a lifelong gun owner from Wisconsin.

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