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Gun Control Creates Mass Shootings

| July 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Two mass public shootings that occurred over the summer demonstrate that the presence of Gun Free Zones — what we call “Criminal Safe Zones” — continue to rack up the body count as gun control policy kills more innocent people.

One of these shootings went the usual way, in a Texas highschool where no one was armed, and the carnage was great. The story was carried by all of the major news networks who, in predictable fashion, force fed American viewers with a non-stop parade of gun control advocates screaming for “action.”

This, of course, was the shooting which occurred on May 18, 2018 at Santa Fe Highschool in Santa Fe, Texas, where eight students and two teachers were killed. The SWAT team showed up later to clean up the mess and look like they were doing something. The suspect surrendered, got a warm shower and free meals for life.

The other shooting, which happened in a restaurant in Oklahoma City on May 24, 2018, turned out differently: A gunman entered and injured two bystanders … until a citizen with a concealed weapons permit drew and fired, injuring the perp who ran from the place faster than Wile E. Coyote after the Road Runner. He died. Everyone else survived.

I know you don’t need me to spell it out for you, but there may be some intellectually challenged folks reading this who still don’t get it, so here it is: No guns for self-defense equals dead good guys. Guns for self-defense equals dead bad guys. It’s so simple it hurts to even have to say it.

In a story from Zero Hedge about the Oklahoma event (“Mother And Daughter Shot In Oklahoma Restaurant, Suspect Killed By “Good Guy” With A Gun” – May 26, 2018), even the police applauded the armed citizen: “A mother and her 12-year-old daughter celebrating a birthday at a popular restaurant in Oklahoma City were shot Thursday night around 6:30 p.m. by a man in his late teens, when a bystander armed with a pistol confronted the shooter and fatally shot him as he tried to flee, according to Oklahoma City Police — who called the [armed] citizen “a blessing.”

The father of the teenage girl who was wounded by the shooter had this to say to the armed citizen: “‘To the good Samaritan that killed that monster I want to meet you and shake your hand and tell you face to face thank you for saving my daughter’s and everyone else in that restaurants life. You are my hero sir,’ wrote Niah’s father, Jabari Giles, over Facebook.”

Both storied received national media coverage from the likes of Fox News, CNN, USA Today and Zero Hedge, but the school shooting (the one where no one was armed) received a lot more airtime — they really milked that one for as much gun control propaganda as possible.

As mentioned, the suspected shooter in the Texas high school, one Dimitrios Pagourtzis, simply surrendered to police. He will now enjoy a lifetime of free meals and television in some cozy prison — quite a better deal than the one the perp who ran into an armed citizen received. So not only did the school shooter encounter zero resistance to his evil acts, but he was ultimately rewarded for carrying out those acts in a Gun Free Zone.

Toilet paper brands like the New York Times wasted no time firing up the gun control narrative. “It was the worst school shooting since the February assault on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where a young man with an AR-15 rifle left 17 people dead and prompted a wave of nationwide, student-led protests calling on lawmakers to tighten gun laws,” reported the Times.

The media placed tremendous pressure on the White House to “do something” to enact stricter gun control laws, including a ban on AR-15s and so-called “high-capacity magazines” (even though Pagourtzis reportedly used a shotgun and a .38 Special revolver in the killing spree).

Interestingly, the school had two police officers on location within the high school as part of the campus’s Safety Plan, who were able to “engage the shooter early on in the process.” And yet 10 people still died that day, while numerous school teachers watched the gunman go to work.

These teachers could have been armed that day. Had they been, even more lives could have been saved. That gun control advocates continue to oppose arming teachers shows just how irresponsible and dangerous they and their ideas really are.

Thanks to your financial support, WGO has been working with state legislators in Wisconsin to change state law to make arming teachers easier. And we’re setting our sights on the educational aspect of teaching teachers how to defend themselves and their students. Be on the lookout for more info and alerts on these vital initiatives.


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