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Bi-Partisan Gun Control Bill Fails To Protect Schools

| June 24, 2022

Mitch McConnell and 13 other GOP Senators sold out American Gun Owners


Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. (WGO) opposes the so-called “Safer Communities Act” and is appalled and disappointed by the recent actions of 14 GOP Senators working in conjunction with DNC lawmakers to negotiate away the gun rights of American citizens. These GOP Senators all have A+ to B ratings by the NRA.

After reviewing the bill, WGO was shocked to find that there were no actual moves to arm or train willing teachers or harden schools against mass shooters. Instead, the bill threatens lawful gun owners and would create more defenseless victims.

“This bill appears to be an unscrupulous use of the deaths of Uvalde children to push a Democratic wedge issue, which the GOP was all too willing to assist. There was never any interest in saving lives,” said Executive Director Thomas Leager. “The only people who will be safer under this bill are future mass shooters.”

The bill includes 750 million dollars to bribe states into instituting unconstitutional red flag laws, which are a gross violation of the right to due process and would change the legal paradigm to guilty until proven innocent. It would “close the boyfriend loophole,” targeting people who are in a “serious relationship.” Yet, the criteria for a “serious relationship” are extraordinarily vague and could be construed as someone that has merely gone on a date or two. A bad date could lead to having your guns taken away.

The bill also expands background checks for persons 18 to 21 to include juvenile records, creating a second class of gun buyers that must deal with extra red tape solely based on their age.

“This entire bill is a betrayal of the American people and serves no purpose outside political horse-trading and posturing. The bill does nothing to address the real problem and would not protect schools. Training and arming teachers were not even mentioned. Like many other gun control schemes, this bill merely takes more rights from the law-abiding and does nothing to implement real solutions that would make our children safer.”

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