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Federal Gun Control PACs Target Wisconsin

| July 13, 2022

The anti-gunners are gearing up to take their fight to the state level, specifically in Wisconsin and other electoral battleground states.

Anti-gun political action committees are closing ranks and sparing no expense to support anti-gun candidates in the mid-terms.

This initiative comes after the tragic Highland Park shooting, which highlights the massive failure of gun control and proves that these laws do nothing but harm innocent and law-abiding Americans.

Gun control quite literally gets people killed, as we see in the case of Highland Park.

Below is a list of gun control laws in place at the time of the shooting.

Illinois Gun Control Laws Include:

  • Red Flag Laws/Extreme Risk Protection Orders (There were multiple signs that the Highland Park shooter was disturbed, including death threats to his family and voicing suicidal ideations. Yet he still acquired a firearm.)
  • A citizen of Illinois must have a FOID (Firearm Ownership Identification Card) to buy or possess a gun. (To obtain a FOID card, one must pass a background check which includes age, residency, mental health, criminal background, and drug use criteria)
  • NICS background check when buying a firearm
  • Permitted Concealed Carry (Also includes a background check. So for reference, at this point, one would have gone through three criminal background checks.)
  • Gun-Free Zones (Highland Park is a gun-free zone that bans “assault weapons” and “large-capacity” magazines. According to Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, Illinois has the most stringent gun laws in the country.)
  • “Assault” Weapons Ban
  • Bans on “High-Capacity” magazines

What other gun control laws could these anti-liberty zealots want?

When will they learn that restricting the law-abiding does nothing because criminals do not follow the law?

Not one of these laws kept the attendees of the Highland Park July 4th parade safe.

Also, we must consider that the shooter traveled to Wisconsin after the Highland Park tragedy and contemplated committing another mass shooting in Madison, WI, yet he decided against it.


Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli said Wednesday at a news conference following a bond hearing, “The gunman turned back to Illinois, where he was later arrested, after deciding he ‘hadn’t put enough thought and research’ into committing a shooting in Wisconsin.”

Why would this man, who had nothing to lose except his life, choose not to commit a mass shooting in Wisconsin? Could it be the  145,693 CCW permits issued in 2021 alone in the State of Wisconsin?

We can’t be sure, but we can confidently say that he decided it would be too risky to commit a shooting in Wisconsin. Considering he did not fear jail time, we can only infer that he feared that he would be shot dead by a law-abiding gun owner.

You would think that if gun control advocates were genuinely interested in safety and saving lives, these facts would cause them to change their minds about guns and gun control.

Yet, it has only sufficed to inflame their dishonest sophistry and disingenuous arguments.

Still, gun control presses on in defiance to all the glaring inconsistencies in their talking points.

For example, despite the recent Supreme Court’s ruling in NYSRPA v. Bruen that once again reaffirmed the constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms in self-defense, those that oppose gun rights are doubling down, even if it means defying the courts.

Anti-gun organizations are on a mission to remove, restrict, and otherwise destroy private gun ownership in the United States!

They are on a crusade to gut the Second Amendment; truth be damned.

New York and California, as well as Congress, have sought to demonize firearms manufacturers.

Blue states are openly seeking ways to subvert the Supreme Court’s ruling, if not openly and brazenly defying it.

Former House Rep. Gabby Gifford recently stated that her PAC would spend no less than 10 million dollars on anti-gun candidates in battleground states Colorado, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and Texas.

With Wisconsin in the direct path of this well-funded anti-gun push, WGO is the largest state-specific gun rights advocacy organization standing in its way.

In fact, WGO is one of the few organizations dedicating 100% of its time, energy, and resources to Wisconsin politics in a mission to further and defend gun rights via state rights and state organizing.

We are so close to more significant victories for the Second Amendment, but things are teetering on a knife’s edge; if we cannot continue our push to restore these rights, gun control will win in Wisconsin.

That is a fact. You can read the linked references in this e-mail; gun controllers are putting their total weight and pocketbooks behind this push to gut your 2A rights.

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