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((URGENT)) WGO Needs Your Help!

| March 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

WGO needs your help.  

 Operating Wisconsin’s ONLY No-Compromise Gun Rights Advocacy Organization is becoming increasingly more expensive, as prices are skyrocketing.  

 The Biden administration’s extreme malfeasance has caused breaks in the supply chain. Things like paper, stamps, ink, other mailing materials and the cost of daily operations are doubling and even tripling in some cases. 

 WGO has been the only group to call out state-level partisan and bipartisan gun control schemes and the only group willing to hold politicians’ feet to the fire when it comes to the right to bear arms.  

 We have been the target of smear campaigns, lies, and all-out condemnation by those who pretend to be champions of your rights.  

 These ne’er do wells want to expand the government’s power and limit your access to guns, BOTTOM LINE.  

Were it not for WGO, many gun control bills would have been passed through the legislature and signed into law this session. Were it not for the watchful eyes of WGO staff and its members, we would have zero pro-2A bills in the legislature.  

Not to mention that WGO’s membership has been the tip of the spear when it comes to pushing for 2A Sanctuary, Constitutional Carry, state-level nullification of federal gun control and fighting for the right to self-defense.  

  • WGO was one of the first organizations on the scene to come out and publicly support Kyle Rittenhouse’s right to self-defense  
  • WGO was one of the very few organizations willing to go on record with news and media to defend the principles of personal responsibility and self-defense 
  • WGO has headed up the movement to nullify the National Firearms Act (1934) and Gun Control Act (1968) in Wisconsin 
  • WGO supports comprehensive firearms education in High School (AB843/SB875) 
  • WGO supports protections for the firearms industry to protect gun-related businesses from malicious and unnecessary lawsuits (AB572/SB570) 
  • WGO supports 2A Sanctuary NOW! (AB293/SB314) 
  • WGO has worked to get Constitutional Carry introduced under the “Right to Carry” bill (AB669/SB619) 
  • WGO has supported reciprocity for out of state license holders (AB518/SB516) 
  • And the list goes on… 

 However, without your immediate support and donations, WGO will not exist to get these initiatives passed or to oppose the gun control schemes of the gun-grabbers on both sides of the political aisle.  

 We work for you.  

 We defend your rights.  

 Now, we need your help. 

WGO has always lived up to our no-compromise reputation, even if that means incurring the ire of those who would proclaim to be on our side. And our grassroots activism makes us extremely effective against the gun-grabbers in Madison, which paints a large target on our back.  

Being grassroots also means we do not have the same deep pockets that anti-gun powerbrokers like Michael Bloomberg and Every Town for Gun Safety enjoy 

WGO relies on you, the hard-working gun owners of this state, and you have always answered the call.  

We believe that is because you share WGO’s vision.  

 But without a war chest of funds to continue the projects and initiatives we are currently working on, we could be dead in the water.  

 We must be able to hold the line as we advance our agenda.  

 The pro-2A bills currently in the legislature could die there, and we could face a Wisconsin that backslides into tyranny without WGO in the trenches. As the legislative session comes to an end, WGO will work to ensure that these bills do not just die, but are taken up as the first order of business when the legislature resumes.

 So, what can you do right now? 

Make a generous donation of at least $30 (or choose a recurring credit card donation of $12/mo) and as a Thank You gift we’ll rush you a copy of the new book Firing Back: How to Counter Anti-Gun Propaganda and Become a Better 2A Activist by Erich Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) 

The book is a free gift with a minimum donation of $12/mo recurring credit card or a one-time donation of $30 or more.

So, please help us out by CLICKING HERE and get your Free Book from GOA, today. 

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