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Scott Walker: Still Silent on Constitutional Carry

| December 27, 2010 | 17 Comments
Will Scott Walker Support Constitutional Concealed Carry?

Will Scott Walker Support Constitutional Concealed Carry?

Madison, Wis. —  Despite  republicans taking control of Wisconsin’s legislature in the Nov. 2 mid-term elections, no commitment on Constitutional Carry (concealed carry with no permit system) has been forthcoming as of press time from either Governor-elect Scott Walker (R) or Wisconsin NRA lobbyist Jordan Austin.

The newly-elected legislature — where republicans now control the assembly and state senate — has breathed new life into growing momentum in Wisconsin to by-pass a “Shall-Issue” concealed carry law in favor of one modeled after Vermont’s or Alaska’s laws.

If successful, the reform would mean anyone who may legally purchase a firearm may legally carry it. Similar legislation was passed in Arizona this year, and several other states — Texas, Utah and Iowa — are  on the cusp of rolling back permit-to-carry requirements.

While WGO has been in contact with Governor-elect Walker’s press secretary, Cullen Werwie, no statement on Walker’s position on Constitutional Carry has been received. Walker did earn an F rating due to his failure to answer the WGO candidate survey, which asks candidates their position on no-permit carry. The survey was re-issued to Walker giving him the opportunity to tell gun owners his views.

Meanwhile, four organizations — Gun Owners of America (GOA), National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), Wisconsin Carry, Inc., and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) — have joined the public push by stating their support for “Constitutional Carry.” Next Page

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Corey Graff is the executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), a pro-gun activist, and a lifelong gun owner from Wisconsin.

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  1. Tom Keeney says:

    With Gunderson leaving who do you think will take his place as far as introducing ledislation for concealed carry ? And would’nt it be better to have a training course for anyone applying for a ccw, instead of just giving any one and everyone a licence to carry?

  2. Neil Schubert says:

    I support the right for Americans to carry firearms, including concealed carry. I think that much of what is going in with the recent shootings involving a congressperson should not influence Constitutional Carry. Long before we had any of these bogus background checks and anti-gun legislation, people owned firearms.

    If people have firearms, there will be less of these shootings, because people would have guns to defend themselves, and the nutcases would have the idea in the back of their mind that they might be killed. But if the nutcases don’t use guns, think of what else they could use, like what happened on September 11th. Guns minimize the damage that one person can do.

    Concealed carry can save lives. I personally do not have a gun, but may consider buying one for hunting purposes in the far future. I have no use for a hand gun, but I do understand that people have them for security, especially when working in high-crime areas.

  3. Bob Wateski says:

    I am for the CC law but also that you be lic. so that you can carry out of State into States that accept Wis. Lic. This would mean a shooting qualificaiton and background check. If you can leagally carry you should not be afraid of this. I had the chance to ask Scott Walker about signing a conceal carry bill for Wi. if elected and He said that He would. At that time I shook his hand and told him that a man’s word and a handshake was good for my vote but that I expect at the same time to carry through with His word. He said that He would. Even through He has not said anything, NO BILL HAS EVEN BEEN INTRODUCED. It is time to make those in office bring up the Bill and get it to him to sign. No matter what is said, the fault lies with those in the Leg. and Senate. It is time for them to man up. Get a bill done and for His signature.

  4. mark says:

    why when open carry requires no training and we have had no problems.

  5. tim cullen says:

    the idea of constitutional carry is what should be given to every law abiding citizen, but in this state i think it would be better to meet the opposition say half way with back round checks and having to have a permit for the gun.
    is it the fair thing to do? yes and no. what we need to concern ourselves with is to get some kind of bill passed first and then modify it down the road.
    this is a very left wing state so lets start with baby steps to get our bill passed

  6. Bill Frick says:

    If we get “some kind of bill passed” we will have to fill out paperwork which is a form of registration. If we then pass a constitutional carry bill it will be to late for privacy as the genie is out of the bottle. I’ve waited 40 years for this so another 2 is no problem to make it worth the wait.

  7. George says:

    Walker is spending all of his political capital trying to bust unions. He has shown no commitment to Concealed Carry and the Republicans in the state legislature are so cowed by him they are doing the same.

    Somebody prove me wrong.

  8. Rod says:

    I support Constitutional carry, we do not need a permit to open carry so why would we need it for concealed carry. We also have passed a FBI backgound check to purchase our firearms. Requiring a permit will not stop a criminal from carrying a concealed firearm.

  9. Jim Rice says:

    Interesting point about guns providing a nutcase a less lethal form of striking out at society.

    I would add that conceal carry is the first line of defense for everyone around an event. Police are not present immediately to prevent a crime of violence. The conceal carry citizen is.

    A good way to look at conceal carry is like wearing a seat belt in the car. You may never need it but you always wear it. Why? Because if and when you need it, it will save your life. I have driven for over 45 years and have never had an accident. I wear a seat belt and I would carry. Same principle.

  10. edward schlottke says:

    With the pending recall you would think Walker would want the support of all his gun right constituants.THE TIME IS NOW SCOTT,before we have to vote on a recall.

  11. edward schlottke says:

    not,constitu[ional carry fo all.Option for those that want to carry out of state.ANYTHIN ELSE IS gun registration

  12. edward schlottke says:


  13. T says:

    NOW is the time for every law abiding gun owner in Wisconsin to stand up and demand that our elected officials do the will of the people that put them in their offices! Guys, grab your balls out of your wives purses and put them back in your pants until we get constitutional carry. Constitutional carry is the only option that makes sense. If you can legally buy it, and you can legally open carry it with no permit, you should be able to carry or transport however you wish! Period! We are not asking for anything out of the norm here. The state of Wisconsin made its own bed a long time ago by not requiring a permit to open carry. Had we been required to be permitted for open carry, I could see a bill requiring a permit to conceal carry. But that’s not the boat we’re in! Real simple here. If you want it, you better start speaking up to your elected officials. If they don’t give you what you want? Simple, come election time, they don’t get your votes!

  14. Jerry Jackson says:

    I’m a truck driver & a fother of 6 daughters. My house was broken into while my family i was out of town on vication. About $15,000 of stuff was tooken out of my house. Even stuff that was passed down through the family & now it’s all gone. Not only that our house was booken into but a VERY BIG part of our lives was tooken from us that we will never get back. I work very hard for what i have and i would like to keep what my wife and i have wroked hard for. After getting my house robbed my wife and 6 daughters doesn’t even feel safe staying home alone while daddy is gone working hard on the road. So yes, I am a very big beliver on the rights to carry a concealed fire arm & awaya will be. Now if there is a law in Wisconsin to carry a concealed arm i don’t know but sure would like to know and how would I go about getting a carrying permint. Thank you all and have a wunderful day.

  15. gene willis says:

    we need constitutional carry,but people,we just got our rights to carry.lets crawl a litttle befor we run.this is a big step.lets let it cool for a year befor we demand constitutional carry,okay?

  16. Steve Bloodworth says:

    Concealed carry ??????


    First ya gotta get the Police and DA’s to even observe self defense.

    Believe me I know.

    Federal case 10-C-0273 in which the Grenndale WI Police Departmnents defense to my claims is that I was guilty, no matter what.

  17. Steve Bloodworth says:

    Btw, the default disorderly conduct charge was dismissed.

    Yes, any use of a firearm is default disorderly conduct.

    And, btw, you will not get your firearms back.

    And, if the police search your house they will take all of your firearms and you will not get any of them back in Milwaukee County.

    In my federal case I have inserted a constitutional issue as to WI 968.20.

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