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WGO Opposes Biden Gun Control Executive Actions

| April 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

WGO says Biden gun control executive actions only further divide America and would do nothing to curb violence.

Madison, Wis. — Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) — Wisconsin’s only no-compromise gun rights organization — opposes Biden’s executive actions on gun control. The group says the proposals sidestep Congress and force unpopular gun control edicts down the collective throats of Americans. Biden ran on “unity and healing,” yet his actions — ostracizing, demonizing, and attacking law-abiding American gun owners — are fueling division within the country.

Biden claims that many cities nationwide are experiencing a historic uptick in violence yet fails to mention that his party has partially caused and fully condoned those groups committing the increased violence. His own Vice President Harris helped create a bail fund for violent criminals involved in rioting and looting in cities across the country. Biden has also issued support for foolhardy movements such as “defund the police” while simultaneously seeking to limit law-abiding gun owners; this comes off as disingenuous and harmful.

“The Biden administration is irreparably deepening the political divide and mistrust Americans feel with these prejudiced attacks on Americans’ right to bear arms,” said Thomas Leager, executive director of WGO. “The Democrats have condemned the events of Jan 6 and have questioned who is responsible. They should look in the mirror.”

“Nothing in the Biden gun control program would have prevented any mass shootings; it’s just all political theater that will further divide America,” Leager said.

According to WGO, millions of Americans own and safely use AR-15s, pistol braces, and so-called “ghost guns.” The organization argues that the Second Amendment and Section 25 of the Wisconsin Constitution protect these firearms and gun parts. The no-compromise gun lobby has opposed red-flag gun confiscation orders, which it says destroys due process. “Red flag laws allow people with personal vendettas to sic the police on law-abiding gun owners without evidence and based only on unsubstantiated allegations,” said Leager.

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