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WGO Issues Support for AB 293 and SB 314: Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary

| May 6, 2021 | 0 Comments


Rep. Trieg Pronschinske, (R-Mondovi) Representative 92nd Assembly District introduced WGO supported 2A Sanctuary legislation.

Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. supports 2A Sanctuary legislation proposed by Rep. Pronschinske (R-Mondovi); this legislation includes AB 293 and SB 314, which have been introduced and are in committees in the Assembly and Senate as we speak. 2A Sanctuary, which refers to “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” entails nullifying Federal gun control laws by removing any State assistance, resources, funds, and personnel from cooperating with the enforcement of these unconstitutional laws. Several states, including Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, have passed similar laws.

“Our members have been clear about the fact that Wisconsin needs 2A Sanctuary, and that is why Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. has chosen to throw our efforts behind Rep. Pronschinske’s new bill,” said WGO Executive Director Thomas Leager.

2A Sanctuary is essential because times are uncertain, and citizens want their gun rights protected.

“An American President went on television calling patriotic, gun-owning, and law-abiding Americans a ‘domestic threat.’ This kind of authoritarian rhetoric ques people in on the motives of the new administration,” continued Leager.

The number of new gun owners has soared to over 5 million in 2020 alone. Guns and ammo can barely hit the shelf before selling out. This growth is in proportion with rising crime rates, rising homicides, and serious talk of defunding the police. We can scarce afford to limit citizen’s resources for protecting themselves when the social climate is so unstable. “When it is needed most, Americans are glad the Second Amendment is there. That is why Wisconsin citizens want — and the WGO supports — 2A Sanctuary. The People want their gun rights protected from a belligerent Federal Government,” said Leager.



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