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WGO Opposes Milwaukee Gun Show Ban

| March 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Anti-Gun Politicians Move to Strike Down Resolution Allowing Milwaukee Gun Show

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors is meeting this week on Thursday, March 25, at 9:30 am to decide the question of whether a legal and lawful gun show, one that has taken place year after year without incident, will be allowed to continue.

The board will consider a resolution to allow the gun show to continue in the Milwaukee County Sports Complex (the Complex prohibits firearms).

Leading the charge opposing the pro-gun resolution is County Supervisor Liz Sumner. During one of the Committee meetings, she, other board members, and the media have espoused several false premises.

1. Sumner alleges that 85-95 percent of vendors were private sellers that did not require background checks.

2. The media claims that this gun show was a place for felons to come from Illinois and Wisconsin to buy a firearm.

WGO reached out to Mr. Ron Martin of Bob and Rocco’s Gun Show, and he corrected the record.

  • TRUTH: According to Martin, 60 percent of the show’s vendors are FFL dealers that do background checks, and the other 40 percent of private sellers can only sell to in-State residents. Martin says that many private sellers even use the FFL services to perform their transactions to ensure applicants are lawfully allowed to own a firearm.
  • TRUTH: Private sellers cannot sell to non-State residents. They have a responsibility to do their due diligence or find themselves in legal trouble.
  • TRUTH: The gun show rejects any sellers that have a past of selling firearms illegally or who fail to follow the laws, ejecting vendors that have participated in that kind of misconduct.

It is disturbing that the media and Board of Supervisors would not do their due diligence when checking the facts.

Sumner is quoted as saying, “I don’t believe that hosting events that support guns and the use of guns, even if it’s in a safe manner, is working towards that mission…”

She is essentially admitting this is an attack on legal gun ownership!

After we have listened to the anti-gun lobby claim for years that their efforts were solely to stop illegal firearm ownership and violence, now Sumner says it doesn’t matter that this event has not contributed to crimes or violence!

Is it just about discriminating against gun owners?

Sumner mentions “racial equity.”

But something doesn’t add up.

How can it be racially equitable to limit access to the Second Amendment in disadvantaged and underserved communities, such as urban Milwaukee? Not to mention that BLM leaders themselves admit that gun control is racist. So, it just does not make sense to ban gun shows, claiming it serves racial equity.

This gun show ban is just another iteration of the dangerous hypocrisy rampant in the system.

It seems the ultimate plan is to get rid of the Second Amendment for the simple sake of getting rid of it.

It seems crime, violence, and lies are not something the gun grabbers are interested in ending.

Below is a link to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors; the committee handling this issue is the Committee of Parks, Energy, and Environment. You will find email addresses to every County Supervisor, the date of the hearing, and ways you can attend the digital hearing.

Again, the meeting starts at 9:30 am this week, Thursday, 3/25.


1.      Below are the email addresses of the entire Board of Supervisors and a pre-written message. Please take the time to write the board.

2.      Plan to attend the digital hearing this week. If you can’t make it, WGO will be there testifying on behalf of truth and common sense.



To the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors,

I am a [ _____] County Resident and a resident of Wisconsin. I am in full support of the proposition to amend the ordinance barring firearms from County Buildings to allow for gun shows. These shows serve a very underserved population of Americans that depend on them to procure arms and ammunition for hunting, sporting, and, most importantly, self-defense.

Milwaukee County was one of the hardest-hit counties in our State when it comes to the wanton violence of last summer, while the police did little or nothing to stop it. These communities deserve to protect themselves without having their ability to find arms and ammunition hindered by bigotry and discrimination against gun owners. Racial equity comes with equal access to our Constitutional Rights and equal administration of our rights under the law, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, color, or creed.

It seems that these gun shows are being targeted unfairly, simply for being gun shows. Without this gun show, many underserved communities will have no access at all to the tools they need to defend themselves. Many of these communities cannot count on the police, and last summer did nothing to help confidence in policing.

I would ask you to please vote YES on allowing gun shows. I am a member of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), which will keep me informed on this issue.

Thank You,

[Name, City]

Milwaukee County Board:

1st District Supervisor Liz Sumner:

2nd District Supervisor Sequanna Taylor:

3rd District Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman:

4th District Supervisor Ryan Clancy:

Chairwoman/ 5th District Supervisor Marcelia Nicholson:

6th District Supervisor Shaw Rolland:

7th District Supervisor Felesia Martin:

8th District Supervisor Steven Shea:

11th District Supervisor Joseph J. Czarnezki:

12th District Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez:

13th District Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr:

14th District Supervisor Jason Haas:

15th District Supervisor Eddie Cullen:

16th District Supervisor John F. Weishan Jr:

17th District Supervisor Anthony Staskunas:

18th District Supervisor Russell Antonio Goodwin Sr:


Text and history of the resolution:|Text|&Search=20-196


Link to 3/25/21 meeting live stream:

Link to the article quoted in the above alert:

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