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Milwaukee County Unfairly Discriminates Against Gun Owners

| March 29, 2021 | 1 Comment

Madison, Wis. — Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) — Wisconsin’s only no-compromise gun
rights organization — is disappointed, but not surprised, that the Milwaukee County Board of
Supervisors has upheld a ban on gun shows in a taxpayer-funded facility.

“I am not surprised at the outcome, but I am very troubled by the unchecked bigotry against
gun owners that our organization and membership experienced when corresponding with
some members of the Milwaukee County Board,” Executive Director Thomas Leager stated.
“The amount of hatred towards our membership is unfounded, unfair, and not indicative of a
body that truly represents the People. Equity for gun owners isn’t part of the plan, it seems.”

District Supervisor Patti Logsdon tried to correct the record multiple times, but the board’s
anti-gun element was not interested in hearing Logsdon and continued to cite incorrect or
misleading statistics while denying Logsdon a chance to refute the erroneous claims. “They
are propagating disinformation, which does a disservice to the people of Milwaukee County,”
Leager said.

During communication with the board, WGO was berated and belittled by District Supervisor
Ryan Clancy, who seems to have an inherent hatred for gun owners. Clancy went as far as to
try to intimidate WGO staff and members by stating, “… you’re the reason that this resolution will fail.” WGO believes that kind of bigotry and discrimination has no place in Wisconsin. Arguments should have their basis in merit, not bias.

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