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WGO Eviscerates ATF “Force Reset Trigger” Fiasco

| February 4, 2022 | 0 Comments

WGO is very disturbed to report that the ATF is creating felons out of thin air.

New rules have allowed the ATF and their agents to expand the targeting of gun owners, as the agency has begun raiding not only the facilities of manufacturers of binary triggers but the houses of those who possess these binary or “forced reset triggers.”

And that’s not all; Matthew Hoover of the CRS Firearms YouTube channel was raided by ATF agents and arrested for simply selling what he called “auto cards,” which were simple credit card-sized pieces of sheet metal, with DRAWINGS of a lightning link on them.

You may ask, how does the ATF have the authority to do this? Was a new law passed?

 The short answer is no.

But this enforcement is the result of precedence set by the bump stock ban, which was created via executive order under Donald Trump. It is now being used to turn harmless everyday items, gun parts, and even illustrations of gun parts into legally defined “machine guns” with the stroke of a pen.

You may remember earlier in 2021, the ATF had opened up commentary on a set of unpopular rule changes of definitions within the GCA and NFA and became inundated with outcry by citizens and gun rights organizations.

Well, the rogue agency appears to be going ahead with its schemes.

Now, the ATF is operating on the basis that anything that can increase the rate of fire of a firearm, whether via inertia (bump stock) or what the ATF considers “machine gun conversions”— like the autocard and FRT’s — are now legally a machine gun under their new definitions. Even including Matthew Hoover’s unfinished metal card with a drawing on it.

Ammoland reports on this internal ATF memo, which was initially leaked via the popular YouTuber, MrGunsngear, and what it contained was truly shocking.

It said, in short, that the ATF plans on using “force” against anyone who owns a Forced Reset Trigger or an “autocard” (a drawing). The ATF is fully exercising its ability to change the meanings of words within already passed legislation and claim that anything they deem as enhancing or having the potential to enhance the rate of fire of a semi-auto gun is a machine gun or machine gun conversion.

The ATF thinks it can turn the GCA and NFA into anything it wants, no matter how far removed or distorted from the original intentions or interpretations of the legislation.


The ATF can now go after legal gun owners for pretty much any reason, as long as they change the meanings of words within existing laws.

 ATF agents can essentially manufacture crimes by changing definitions.

 We need gun owners to rally against this massive federal overreach.

WGO and many other gun rights advocacy organizations have spoken out against this horrendous new policy, and we need our members to stand with us.

The Biden Administration seems to be falling into lockstep with the ATF’s new rulemaking and says it seeks to curb “gun violence” using whatever means are in its power.

In a statement on February 3, Biden claimed that the Second Amendment is “not absolute.”

We must realize that we are now under the regime of a belligerent federal government that has already shown it has no problem with overreach and acting unconstitutionally.

The administration now seeks to use unconstitutional and unlawful powers to create an army that can harass and illegally persecute lawful gun owners anytime and for anything.

The bottom line?

The current federal administration sees the Constitution as a barrier to exercising its will and power over you.

That’s why WGO supports:

  • State-level nullification of federal gun control
  • Promoting 2A Sanctuary State status
  • Nullification of the NFA
  • Abolishing the ATF and other federal investigatory agencies on a state level


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