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SOS: Wisconsin’s Gun Rights Organization Needs Help

| November 3, 2015 | 1 Comment
This is an SOS! Wisconsin's gun rights organization needs a fresh supply of troops and ammo for the frontlines!

This is an SOS! Wisconsin’s gun rights organization needs a fresh supply of troops and ammo for the frontlines!

“You Are Ordered to Surrender Your Weapons By Order of the President and the Federal Police.”

Years ago chilling words like these were always something that “could happen someday if things got really bad.”

Well, yesterday’s nightmare is today’s reality … because it’s all coming true.

Obama and the gun banners have launched a full scale war against gun owners.

They’re blaming YOU for the acts committed by a deranged mass murderer and they’re coming for your guns.

They’re using every propaganda trick in the book to demonize gun owners for their own political aims.

Of course, these mass shootings are actually facilitated by irresponsible gun control policies such as gun free zones that criminals can exploit.

Obama’s last months in office will be the most dangerous for our firearm freedoms as he has promised new executive orders to ram through Australian-style gun control (including semi-auto bans, registration lists and confiscations).

The grassroots supporters of Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) are the only hope at the state level to stop this.

Wisconsin’s congressional delegation will stand up to the nationwide pressure building for new gun bans.

Most scary is the fact that our funds here at WGO are running dangerously low. That’s why, in addition to sending the pre-written letter below to congress, we’re asking if you can help out with an emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more today?

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The truth is, we can’t expect the establishment fat cats to wage any meaningful battle for our gun rights here in Wisconsin. In fact, they’re already squawking about “compromise.”

But Obama won’t compromise. Hillary won’t compromise. Tammy Baldwin won’t compromise. No, no, no.

And as scary as these people are, their recent comments calling for gun confiscations are just the tip of the iceberg.

Your representatives envision endless schemes: criminalizing private gun sales … banning so-called “assault rifles”… outlawing “high-cap mags” … confiscating guns for any silly pretext … and imprisoning pro-gun activists for “thought crimes.”

WGO can only stop these power-hungry psychopath politicians by applying some serious grassroots pressure. And that’s going to take funds to pull off … including a direct mail campaign in targeted districts … an online ad blitz … radio, television and print media … the whole nine yards and then some.

The anti-gun groups are raising bucket loads of cash to be used for one purpose: To disarm you and me and everyone else.

By contrast, our funds here at WGO are nearly depleted. We’re now left with a few hundred dollars in our basic organization expenses budget. 

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We’re pushing the PANIC button because we need your help.

That’s why we hope you’ll consider an emergency gift today for $25, $50, $100 or more.

No matter what you can do will help and WILL make a difference.



To Wisconsin Delegation

No More Gun Control

Whereas:         The gun control proponents wasted no time to exploit the recent tragedy in Oregon to further their anti-gun agenda; and

Whereas:         All empirical evidence show that gun control does not prevent violence and only leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless against it; and

Whereas:         The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights clearly enumerates “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed;” and

Whereas:         Pro-gun Americans like me strongly oppose new unconstitutional gun control schemes and will be paying close attention to members of Congress;

Therefore:       I urge you oppose any and all new gun control schemes, including but not limited to expanding the National Instant Check System, banning certain types of common rifle and pistol ammunition, or bans and/or Federal registration of any firearms.



  1. Click here to find your congressman. Copy and paste the Pro-Gun Memo above and e-mail them.
  2. Click here to make an Emergency Contribution. We really need YOU to help out today or we will not be able to stop the gun control tidal wave headed our way.

Click Here to Help Us Out

Thanks for taking action.


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Corey Graff is the executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), a pro-gun activist, and a lifelong gun owner from Wisconsin.

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  1. Michael Swilley says:

    I want to use paypal for sending to you.. You dont have that option on your payment page.. My checks dont seem to work for you and I have problems with giving you a CC #(not just you,but, anyone) I occasionally donate and I dont want anymore snail mail..

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