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2A Sanctuary Heads to Governor Evers’ Desk

| June 25, 2021 | 0 Comments


WGO Exec Director Thomas Leager testifies on behalf of SB314 (2A Sanctuary)

WGO Exec Director Thomas Leager testifies on behalf of SB314 (2A Sanctuary)

Last week (June 16) was the State Senate public hearing for SB314 — the Senate counterpart to AB293, which passed the Assembly earlier in the month.

WGO observed at the Senate public hearing that there was far better attendance than the one in the Assembly. Even Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was in attendance to testify.

Yet, no anti-gun opposition bothered to show up. Why would these groups not put up a resistance?

This past Thursday, June 24, the Senate concurred with AB293 rather than taking up SB314, and it passed the Senate unanimously via an unrecorded voice vote. AB293 is now on its way to Governor Evers’s desk.

WGO wants to thank all of our members and the grassroots groups from all over Wisconsin that helped get this bill this far. Your hard work is the reason 2A Sanctuary is headed to the Governor’s desk — even though Republican insiders didn’t want to touch it.

However, those same Republicans — and the anti-gunners — feel assured that there is no way this bill will make it past Governor Evers’s desk.

But, as our members should well know: WGO does not enter the fray intending to lose.

That is why we are calling on WGO members to get the job done.

WGO believes that Wisconsin must make the situation crystal clear to Governor Evers: Pass 2A Sanctuary now and solidify protection for Wisconsin gun owners or explain to the people why you are OK with the Fed trampling the liberty of your constituents.

How many doors will have gotten kicked in for a stabilizing brace or an unconstitutional confiscation order? How many of our lives is Governor Evers willing to risk destroying?

While Wisconsin residents fear harassment by the Federal government, the same people who would thwart the passage of this bill are safely residing behind trained security.

The political class doesn’t have to worry about being mugged on the street or having their property destroyed by rioters. Federal agents kicking in their doors? That never crosses their minds.


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