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Raise Your Voice, Lose Your Guns Act of 2021

| September 1, 2021 | 0 Comments


Rep. Rachael Cabral-G

Rachael Cabral Guevara (R-Appleton) ran on conservative principles and being avidly pro-2A. Why is she one of the few Republicans volunteering to push this federal gun control?


Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. has brought to light some worrisome details about another anti-rights bill, only this time it was introduced and co-sponsored with the help of supposedly “pro-2A Republicans”.

The gun prohibitionist Democrats seem to have no problem getting Republicans on board regarding gun control. Still, the Republicans rarely have the dedication to get Democrats on board when it comes to furthering gun rights.

The bill is AB321/SB317, which is being passed off as simply codifying already existing federal law at the state level if 2A Sanctuary is passed. But are they just codifying a benign and necessary federal statute, or building in a device for confiscation of arms, regardless of 2A Sanctuary? (Which btw, was vetoed. This bill is dangerous with or without 2A Sanctuary, but why are the Republicans still moving this bill forward after Ever’s veto?)

The thing about gun control is no matter how well-meaning, it is like letting a thief in your house, and they won’t stop at just the things you allow them to take. They will ALWAYS want more.

Now, we can look at the bill itself, which seems reasonable and harmless on the surface, especially since it is already the federal law under which we operate currently. Still, many people are unaware of how easy it is to be charged and convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

The verbiage of SB 317/ AB 321:

2.A violation of s. 947.01 in which the adult actor engaged in violent or abusive

24conduct to harm, intimidate, or threaten an individual who is the adult actor’s family

25member, the adult actor’s former spouse, an individual with whom the adult actor

1has or had a dating relationship, or an individual with whom the adult actor has a

2child in common.

3. A misdemeanor, except a misdemeanor listed in subd. 1. or 2., if committed

4by an adult family member against another family member, by an adult against his

5or her former spouse, by an adult against an individual with whom the adult has or

6had a dating relationship, or by an adult against an individual with whom the adult

7has a child in common and if the court has increased the maximum term of

8imprisonment under s. 939.63 (1) (a(2) If an individual is convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence,

10the court shall enter a finding to that effect in the record for purposes of determining

11whether the individual is prohibited from possessing a firearm under s. 941.29.

12Section 8. 973.176 (1) of the statutes is amended to read:

13973.176 (1) Firearm possession. Whenever a court imposes a sentence or

14places a defendant on probation regarding a felony conviction for a felony or for a

15misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, as defined in s. 973.136 (1) (c), the court

16shall inform the defendant of the requirements and penalties applicable to him or her

17under s. 941.29 (1m) or (4m).

18Section 9. Initial applicability.

19(1) The treatment of s. 971.17 (1g) (b) first applies to a finding of not guilty by

20reason of mental disease or defect that occurs on the effective date of this subsection.

21(2) The treatment of s. 973.136 first applies to a conviction that occurs on the

22effective date of this subsection.

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence can be, but is not limited to:

  • Raising your voice during a verbal argument.
  • Spanking your child.
  • Raising your voice to your child.
  • And could be connected to your health and medical records and choices.

Under the current situation, the interpretation of this law is vague at best. How easy would it be for the state of Wisconsin to call your certain health choices “endangering” someone?

If you think of that interpretation, can you think of ways legal gun owners and people in opposition to specific mandates or government edicts could be targeted for confiscation?

I sure can.

The tenth amendment has been perverted entirely at the expense of the state’s rights. Judicial interpretation and prosecutorial precedent allow room for loose interpretations of the law. In 2020-21 we saw example after example of politically motivated DAs and police using vague laws against their political opposition and those opposed to government edicts and mandates.

So why would REPUBLICANS support this?

I think the first thing we must do is list the Republicans who are co-sponsoring this bill.

They claim to be pro-2A, but they let this federal infringement stand and cooperate to pass it in Wisconsin. One side of their mouth says 2A Sanctuary; the other side says, “we need to keep federal gun control.” So, which cause do they support? Gun control? Or the 2A?

Rachel Cabral-Guevara is one of the Republicans that surprised me most. She ran on her pro-2A stance, even getting many pro-liberty non-profits to endorse her. Yet, we find her name amongst the list of Republicans co-sponsoring this deceptive bill. No one wants to aid domestic abusers. But, we need to narrow the definition of what it means to be guilty of misdemeanor domestic abuse, at the very least.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think raising your voice, spanking your child, or getting in a verbal argument with a spouse is domestic violence. Much of the way this law is enforced is at the officers’ discretion, which makes the law dangerously amorphous and arbitrary.

That means this law would leave a lot of wiggle room for police and prosecutors to charge those who do not fall in line with the establishment agenda as domestic abusers.

We Need To Send A Message To WI Politicians

We need an immediate and massive move to let Republicans know that we will not continue to support them just because they happen to be opposite a party like the anti-gun Democrats. We want representation, not just the best of a bad situation.

Would you re-hire an employee or contractor if they did not do the job you hired them to do but merely talked about doing it?

Why do we continue to hire those who cannot achieve the results we want to see? Why keep sending them to Madison or D.C. if they continually show up a day late and a dollar short?

That is why WGO and other grassroots organizations are so crucial to the success of the Second Amendment and Liberty in the Badger State. We need to hold politicians accountable to gun owners and constituents across Wisconsin, and we need to send a strong message… Shape up, or SHIP OUT!

That goes for both parties.

We, The People, are sick of having a spoiled brat government, and it is far past the time for our government to be taken to the proverbial woodshed.

These days I see more and more people waking up and learning about their Constitution and their Right to Bear Arms, which is very encouraging to everyone at WGO. A fire is in the people’s eyes that I have not seen there before in my entire experience as a grassroots activist.

That is why the time to take action is now.

The time to give is now.

The time to help and get involved is NOW!

Help WGO make Wisconsin the most pro-2A state in the Union!!!

WGO is trying to raise 25K to start our media and volunteer initiatives off strong, allowing us to reach more people and make it easier for our members to stay up-to-date on the most pertinent Wisconsin-specific 2A issues.

Not to mention, anti-gun elements of both parties seek to stifle, attack, and bankrupt any organization that stands in their way. WGO has a big fat target painted on its back, and we need your help to continue doing the job and shaping the state-specific political battlefield.

Spread the word, donate what you can—every little bit helps, and tell friends and family that own businesses about our Pro-Gun Business Sponsorship Program.


  • Donate to WGO, get a membership, or sign up a friend
  • Sign the petition
  • Contact your direct State Representative and State Senator:
  • Contact the Republicans who have signed on to co-sponsor this bill, email addresses below

Senator Kooyenga (R-Brookfield)

Senator Cowles (R-Greenbay)

Senator Ballweg (R-Markesan)

Senator Jacque (R-DePere)

Representative Mursau (R-Crivitz)

Representative Cabral-Guevara (R-Appleton)

< ———————————————–Pre-Written Letter———————————————– >

Dear <________>,

I am a member of Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. and a citizen of Wisconsin. As of late, the Wisconsin GOP has lost a lot of credibility with gun owners like myself. For all the talk of being 2A defenders, we have Republican senators and representatives stonewalling no-compromise gun rights organizations, as well as working alongside Democrats to pass federal gun control at the state level.

I am reaching out to remind these state representatives and senators that they were hired to work for us and protect our rights. We hired you all to get results, not create job security by never winning the fight.

I am opposed to the passage of AB321/SB314 because the laws regarding misdemeanor domestic violence leave too much room for interpretation. The conviction thereof should not be used as a premise to remove firearms unless the law is overhauled and specified further to exclude any non-violent actions or medical choices.

Under Wisconsin’s definition of misdemeanor domestic violence, raising one’s voice, spanking one’s child, as well as a person’s medical choices could be used as a premise for confiscation. Anything that the officers or DA can construe as intimidation, endangerment, or threatening—could all fall under the definition of misdemeanor domestic abuse.

If the Republicans want to ensure domestic abusers do not get access to firearms, they should refine what constitutes misdemeanor domestic violence. The law must be more well-defined and less arbitrary.

Gun control is like letting a thief into your house; no matter how well-meaning the gun control is, it never stops at what we allow them to take; like a thief, once these laws are in place, those that pass them will want more.

We in Wisconsin want our 2A rights protected, not further infringements. This law is far too vague to be allowed to pass in Wisconsin.

WGO Executive Director Thomas Leager will keep me updated on this issue.

Thank You,



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