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WGO Fights Unholy Alliance Pushing Federal Gun Control

| December 22, 2021 | 0 Comments
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (a key author of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and venomous anti-gun politician) joins with turn-coat Republicans to attack legal gun owners.

Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. has become aware of an extremely unconstitutional federal gun control scam that is on the horizon. Thanks to a backroom deal cut by republicans (without your knowledge or consent), it could pass soon UNLESS WGO members stop it.

Gun Owners of America has reported that anti-gun leaders Senator Feinstein and Senator Durbin have joined forces with Republican Senators Ernst and Murkowski:

“After nearly three years of negotiations, we have reached an agreement … We are committed to introducing a bipartisan, modernized VAWA reauthorization next month,” said Feinstein.

Senator Feinstein went on to brag that this ‘compromise’ would expand the misdemeanor gun ban.”

This loosely worded bill is known as “VAWA” (Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2021), and, like its Wisconsin counterpart (AB321/SB317), it gives the government and law enforcement unprecedented power. VAWA gives LEO the ability to charge you with misdemeanor domestic violence and confiscate your guns, even if they cannot prove that there is a family, romantic or paternal/maternal relationship.

Simply getting in a boisterous argument with a roommate could be enough to be charged and have your guns taken.

They do not clearly define any of the parameters of what constitutes intimidating or coercive behavior. They also state that “intimidation” via electronic devices is grounds to charge you and take your guns.

Just take a gander at the mealy-mouthed language of this legislation:

Sec 2:(8) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.— The term ‘domestic violence’ means a pattern of behavior involving the use or attempted use of physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, economic, or technological abuse or any other coercive behavior committed, enabled, or solicited to gain or maintain power and control over a victim …

This could include:

  • Getting into a loud argument
  • Repeatedly expressing unpopular opinions or politics that someone you live with finds “harmful”
  • Medical status
  • And more …

The parameters of enforcement for this proposed federal law, (just like with the state-version AB321/SB317 pending in the Wisconsin legislature) are arbitrary and depend on the arresting officers’ judgment.

In these Orwellian times, we don’t have to stretch our imaginations to understand this bill is rife for abuse.

It grants the government an almost limitless ability to target political opposition, religious minorities, and those who hold unpopular opinions for confiscation of their legal firearms if the person they “cohabitate” with claims to feel “threatened.”

The bill includes:

  • Section 102: Federal grants to fund firearm seizures.
  • Sections 801 and 802: New forms of “red-flag” gun confiscation orders and new and expanded misdemeanor gun bans.
  • Sections 1201 and 1202: Greater funding to prosecute tens of thousands of NICS denials — including law-abiding gun owners who receive false-positive denials.
  • Section 1203: Special appointments and deputizations to prosecute new gun controls. (An army of anti-gun bureaucrats sent to endlessly “harass” gun owners.)

H.R. 1620 would devastate the gun community, so WGO is ramping up its efforts to oppose both horrific legislative proposals.

WGO has been working around the clock to remove AB321/SB317 from Wisconsin’s legislative docket and has succeeded in getting two Republican co-authors to drop the bill (Republican Reps. Mursau and Cabral-Guevara).

Yet, it has been an uphill battle.

So-called pro-2A politicians seem incapable of recognizing the impending danger of these proposals. They need to wake up and oppose these attacks.

The best political defense is a good political offense.

The legislature must be roused from their “business as usual” attitudes, and those lawmakers who claim to be “pro-gun” must make every effort to get 2A protections passed for the ordinary Wisconsin gun owner! Not just introduce legislation, and let it sit on ice.

WGO will not accept, “we must wait for a Republican Governor” as a viable excuse. Nor will we accept the obstructionist politics of the WI-DNC.

WGO has championed the introduction of bills such as Constitutional Carry (SB619/AB669) and Second Amendment Sanctuary (SB314/AB293), and those are just the two most notable.

Yet, spineless republican leadership are allowing these bills to gather dust in the legislature instead of taking active steps to secure a veto-proof majority. They simply sit back and accept the obstructionist democrats’ behavior as insurmountable.

It’s up to you and me to immediately let our politicians know that we want pro-2A protections signed into law! Come hell or high water; we cannot wait.

Your voice is integral in this effort, so please hurry and click this link and sign the petition OPPOSING this sneaky backroom deal.

Soon we will be hand-delivering petitions at the Wisconsin Capitol; it is time to light a proverbial fire under this legislature!

But we also need your help to amass petitions for Congress to STOP the sell-out that H.R. 1620 represents.

Promoting pro-gun legislation and fighting pending gun control at the State and Federal levels is no small undertaking, but just like when WGO fought to get CCW passed, we refuse to back down.

Time is running out, and we need to make the biggest impact possible.



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